Rates and Prices Hotel Zambezi Katima Mulilo Namibia

Rates and prices for the Hotel Zambezi Katima Mulilo Namibia. Cost of a room at Hotel Zambezi and booking information about the accommodation. Booking form for Hotel Zambezi.

Hotel Zambezi Room Price Guide

Prices are starting prices given as a guide only, actual price may vary depending on availability and season.

Prices are per room per night

Room Type

Standard Rooms B&B
P/P Sharing-N$ 627
Single p/p- N$ 858
Third p/sharing-N$ 275

Luxury Rooms B&B
P/P Sharing-N$ 693
Single p/p- N$ 995
Third p/sharing-N$ 275


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A 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation balance is payable 10 weeks prior to arrival to confirm your reservation.


Payment information

Advance payments can be made by EFT in ZAR, GBP or Euro or by credit card in ZAR. Paypal accepted on request.


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Currencies accepted at the accommodation are ZAR and N$. Visa/Mastercard credit card are also accepted.
Debit cards are not accepted for payment at the accommodation.

Booking terms and conditions apply, available on request.