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The cost to spend a night at the Aoba Lodge Etosha, rates, prices and booking information for accommodation at the Aoba Lodge Namibia.



Aoba Lodge Etosha

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2011 Price Guide for the Aoba Lodge Etosha Namibia

Prices displayed in Namibian Dollar N$, if you require a price in a different currency please let us know.

Single Comfort Room Per Night N$1240          
Double Comfort Room Per Night N$990          
Single Comfort Bungalow Per Night N$1240          
Twin Comfort Bungalow Per Night N$990          
Single Luxury Bungalow Per Night N$1460          
Twin Luxury Bungalow Per Night N$1260          
Airfield Transfer(Mokuti) Pick Up/Drop Off Per Car N$150          

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