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The tiny peninsula of Linga Linga is the northern peninsula on the Bay of Inhambane. This area is called "Linga Linga".

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Linga Linga Mozambique

Linga Peninsula near Inhambane

The tiny peninsula of Linga Linga is the northern peninsula on the Bay of Inhambane. This area is called "Linga Linga".

Surrounding the villa are coconut forests, as well as Mangrove Swamps. Because in exceptionally high tides, the waters rise over the sands making access by road difficult, Linga Linga is often referred to by the locals as an island. Although it is possible to reach the peninsula with a 4x4 it is much more convenient and closer by boat transfer from Inhambane.

Linga Linga was the site of an old whaling station
Whaling off Mozambique was initiated in 1911 by two Norwegian companies. The catches off Inhambane consisted almost exclusively of humpbacks. This station was in use up until 1915.
The remains of the slipway from this station are visible from Castelo do Mar.

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Covered by large coconut plantations and famous for the production of cashews, coconuts and sweet tangerines, the province of Inhambane is one of the main tourism centres in the country today.
Inhambane is the capital city of the province. The city itself resembles a town rather than a capital city, but has a certain old world charm to it.
Side-walk cafes are dotted along the narrow streets.
The bustling Central market is well worth a visit. As is the local museum with has a good selection of photographs, musical instruments and farming implements.

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Beach at Linga Linga

Linga Linga telephone code - Mozambique code +264
Internet cafe - inhambane town - slow connection
Nearest Airport - Inhamabne 94km flight information
Road to Linga Linga - 25km of 4wd only sandy track
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Linga Linga

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For self-catering the peaceful Linga Linga Lodge offers self catering chalets situated right on the beach with a restaurant, bar and swimming pool all on site and beautiful beach just a few paces from your bed, a perfect place for everyone.

The Castelo do Mar villa is set on the beach, just a stone's throw from the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean on Linga Linga, a tiny peninsula that juts into the Inhambane Bay accross the water from Barra.

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Linga Linga Lodge | Castelo do Mar

The town of Inhambane is 500km north of Mozambique´s capital Maputo. It is one of the oldest towns in Mozambique dating back to the 10th century and the Arab traders. In 1498 Vasco do Gama arrived with his fleets just off the coast of Inhambane. When his men made landfull in inclement weather and approached a settlement the locals told them in their local dialect ´´Bitonga´´ to come out of the rain – ´´Bela khu Nyumbane´´. The Portuguese thought they were being told the name of the region and so Inhambane got its present name.

The atmosphere and architecture in the town reflects this exciting and diverse history. Inhambane is served by an airport and a port, and has petrol stations, banks, public phones, shops, markets, a bus terminus and a museum.

Linga Beach Barra