Wustenquell Guestfarm Namib Naukluft Namibia

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Wustenquell Guestfarm Namibia

Bizarre rock formations, fantastic views, bushmen paintings, 7 fountains, a unique fauna and flora with quiver trees and the very rare lithops (living stones) make Wüstenquell a special experience!

Wüstenquell is a family run operation with a personal touch, that is surrounded on 3 sides by the well-known Namib Naukluft Park.
Come and enjoy breakfast in breath-taking landscape, Scenic Drives, guided tours, a relaxing afternoon at the crystal clear pool or dinner next to the campfire under the incredibly clear Namib firmament.

Accommodation available at Wustenquell Guestfarm:
At Wustenquell there are three different types of accommodation to chose from and they are as follows:

All the rooms come standard with the following - Own bath and shower, 220 volt power and international plug adapters are available, Fridge and water kettle, Shady terrace and Internet connection – WLAN (free of charge

Mountain Chalets:
Otherwise known as Red rock and Klipdrift. Two exclusive mountain chalets atop rugged rocky outcrops, offering a true desert atmosphere. Dinner and breakfast can be enjoyed in sociable company. It will be our pleasure to serve a Champagne breakfast to your bedside if you so wish, or to deliver a cold platter with finger food for the evening. Experience the tranquility and solitude of the exceptional Namib desert, amid unrivalled rock formation of Wüstenquell. There is always a good reason to treat yourself to something unique.

Surrounded by an overwhelming natural spectacle, remotely located in the desert, our three campsites are about 3 km from the main buildings and are comfortable enough for a rustic camping adventure. Water, shower/WC, shade and a fire pit are present. You are invited to responsibly explore the interesting countryside on foot or to join us on a guided Scenic Drive to absorb the exotic beauty of this nature reserve. We will gladly accept your booking for meals at the restaurant. Please note that bookings are essential for the campsites, Scenic Drives and for meals.

Attractions nearby the Wustenquell Guestfarm:
The Moon Landscape -
The Moon Landscape, remnant of an ancient mountain range and also known as “badlands”, is a forbidding valley of hills near Swakopmund. Chiselled over the centuries by wind and the waters of the Swakop River, this breathtaking landscape truly brings to mind the surface of some celestial body other than earth. There are a number of well situated viewpoints but caution is advised as there are no safety barriers.

Welwitschia Plains - A number of unusual species of plants and animals are found only in this desert. One of these is Welwitschia mirabilis, one of the most unusual species. Welwitschia is a shrub-like plant, but grows just two long strab-shaped leaves continuously throughout its lifetime. These leaves may be several meters long, gnarled and twisted from the desert winds. The tap root of the plant develops into a flat, concave disc in age. Welwitschia is notable for its survival in the extremely arid condition in the Namib, sometimes deriving moisture from the coastal sea fogs.

Map of Wustenquell Guestfarm Namibia

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Wustenquell Guestfarm Namibia

Wustenquell Guestfarm Namibia

Wustenquell Guestfarm Namibia