Zebra River Lodge Sesriem Namibia

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Zebra River Lodge Namibia

Zebra River Lodge is an old original farmhouse, situated in 12 500 hectares of dramatic scenery, deep in the Tsaris Mountains of southern Namibia. The Lodge has accommodated guests in its special environment for more than 15 years.
Extensive renovations were undertaken, to bring the lodge up to modern-day standards without losing the charm, original features and atmosphere of the old farmhouse.
The solar water heaters make the most of the sun and the new water hole (which will in time, be floodlit) is attracting more and more animals and birds as they discover this permanent source of water in the desert.

Let the warmth and our Namibian hospitality welcome you to a place of light and airy spaces on the slopes of the Zebra River Canyon in the Tsaris Mountains.
Zebra River Lodge and its Canyon is a heaven for geologists, archaeologists and palaeontologists, hikers and birders, as well as for those who just want peace and quiet.
We invite you to relax under an azure-blue sky and to feast your senses on our tranquil surroundings where you can listen to the silence of nature.
Accommodation at Zebra River Lodge consists of 13 double or triple rooms, all with en suite facilities. We generate our own electricity at the lodge.
Although there are no tea or coffee making facilities in the rooms, coffee, tea, water and homemade cookies are always available in the foyer.
The crystal clear, delicious water at the zebra river lodge comes from deep underground and can be drunk at all times. Interior: farm style with a touch of class!

Zebra River Lodge sits in the valley alongside the Zebra River which, although it is dry most of the year, is home to kudu, warthog, zebra, jackals and many more, all of which can be seen from the lodge veranda when they visit the water hole.

• Geology: The Zebra River Lodge is of international interest as it has the oldest fossils of stromatolites and namacalatus (the very first living organisms with a shell) yet discovered anywhere in the world. Leading geologists from all over the world visit us regularly to explore the terrain and document their discoveries.

• Hiking: There are several hiking trails in the mountains surrounding the lodge, varying in length from one hour to all day. Maps and lunch packs are provided and guided walks are available.

• Birding: The lodge has a bird list of 118 species including Verreauxs (Black) Eagle, Pygmy Falcon, Auger Buzzard, Herero Chat and Rüppell’s Korhaan. A resident at the lodge can help with identification and guided bird walks can be arranged.

• At the lodge we also offer 4x4 trails, sun downer drives and trips to a spring where you can relax under huge trees next to the crystal clear water.

• Horse riding: We hope to provide guided horse treks at certain times of the year.

Zebra River Lodge Namibia Zebra River Lodge Namibia

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Zebra River Lodge Namibia

Zebra River Lodge Namibia