Tsauchab River Camp Sesriem Namibia

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Tsauchab River Camp Namibia

The unique Tsauchab River camp guest farm with its exclusive chalets and private camping sites is situated on the banks of the Tsauchab River, surrounded by the imposing Naukluft and Tsaris Mountains.
The Tsauchab River, with its giant wild fig trees and sparkling clear springs, is the main source of water when in flood to Sesriem Canyon and Sossusvlei.
This natural phenomenon abruptly ends in a dry lake at the foot of the world’s highest dunes. The beautiful sunsets combined with the indigenous fauna, and flora will leave an unforgettable impression on you.

Our chalets are located 800m away from the reception and restaurant area. The chalets are built on the bank of the Tsauchab River surrounded by nature. The accommodation comprises out of two spacious double bed chalets, three thatch roof chalets and one guides room, all with on-suite facilities.

Although the chalets are not built for self-catering, barbeque facility was built at each chalet with a wash-up. Self-catering is an option, and we can supply cutlery and crockery to your request.

The chalets do not have electrical points, but we can assist to all your needs at the office where we have 24h power supply. The chalets can be combined with camping; the campers then have their own shower & toilet facility close to the chalet.

The Spotted Dikkop Chalet
The Spotted Dikkop chalet is spaciously designed with a double bed and is located 70m from the Eagle Hide-out chalet. The chalet also has a barbeque area and wash-up facility and lends out for self-catering. This chalet is spacious enough for a family and can also be combined with camping.

The Eagle Hide-out Chalet

The Eagle Hide-out chalet was one of our first chalets and also lends itself out for a family unit. The chalet is designed with a separate shower and toilet facility for having the option to combine camping and accommodation. With a double bed, sliding door and large windows you can feel the surrounding nature. It’s also equipped with a barbeque facility and wash-up.

Situated on the banks of the Tsauchab River and nestled between a grove of False Ebony trees (in Nama language the tree is called Tsabi) three twin bed thatch roof chalets were build and tastefully decorated. The chalets are located 80m from the Eagle Chalet. The chalets are also equipped with a barbeque facility and a wash-up.

Rocyfaced Lovebird chalet
The Rocyfaced chalet was originally designed as our guide’s room, but on the same standard as the rest of our chalets, we use it as the 6th chalet. The chalet is also designed with a barbeque facility and a wash-up.

With only 13 campsites spread over a distance of 15km, Tsauchab River Camp became a well-known establishment with private and exclusive campsites.
Each campsite is individually designed with a constructed ablution facility, tiled showers and flushing toilets, as well having a bush flushing toilet with a lovely view, and open-air tree showers giving that wild bush experience. At night fall, each camp is eliminated by candle lights.

What to expect
• Clean facilities with hot water.
• Exceptional fauna & flora
• Realistic prices and warm hospitality

With five different hiking trails (21km, 6km, 4km, 2,.8km, 2,5km) we can accommodate all group ages.
Our circled 4x4 trail in the Tsaris Mountains makes this an exceptional 4x4 trail. The trial overlaps with the 21km hiking trail and accommodates both experienced and non-experienced 4x4 enthusiasts. All our un-guided activities on our property are free for all our guests to enjoy!


Tsauchab River Camp Namibia Tsauchab River Camp Namibia

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Tsauchab River Camp Namibia

Tsauchab River Camp Namibia

Tsauchab River Camp Namibia

Tsauchab River Camp Namibia