Hauchabfontein Camp Sesriem Namibia

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Hauchabfontein Camp Namibia

Visit the wonders of the desert with its oasis and with it's all year round crystal clear fountain water and probably the biggest quiver tree forest in Namibia lies surrounded by the majestic Naukluft mountains in the North.
The flat topped Tsaris mountains in the South and the Namib desert with the Sesriem Canyon and the Sossusvlei in the West at the confluence of the Tsauchab River and the Zebra River.
There are numerous fountains in the riverbed of the Tsauchab as the farm's name already indicates.
In the rainy season the Tsauchab River feeds the lake between the dunes of the Sossusvlei.

The camping sites are located along the Tsauchab River under the shade of acacia and ebony trees. The camping site is ideally located as a base camp to visit the surrounding attractions: The Sesriem/Sossusvlei (59 kilometer), the Naukluft (44 km) and the Neuras winery (22 km).

• 6 Camp sites
• All camp sites are shaded
• Power is provided at the Farm
• Washing up facilities with flush Toilettes are provided as well as warm water
• There is a tap at each site
• Meat and wood can be bought at the Camp

Attractions and Activities:
- Scenic landscapes - you can hear yourself thinking
- Cool down in our oasis with its rock pools stretching over 6 km
- Individually secluded and private camping facilities under shadow of ebony trees and acacias with grill facilities and drinking water
- Superior and clean showers with hot water and toilets
- Hiking trail (7 km) in the mountains of our "Secret Valley
- Bird and game watching at the oasis
- Visit to our private quiver tree forest and a selection of farm drives
- Fresh farm products
- Sundowner trip
- Visit the nearby Sesriem Canyon (55km), Naukluft (44km) and Neuras Wine Farm (22km)
- Visit the Private Quivertree Forest and historical buildings

Hauchabfontein Camp Namibia Hauchabfontein Camp Namibia

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Hauchabfontein Camp Namibia

Hauchabfontein Camp Namibia