Kunene River Lodge Ruacana Namibia

Kunene River Lodge accommodation guide – all the information you need about the accommodation at the Kunene River Lodge Ruacana Namibia. Photographs, room types, location and booking information for your stay the Kunene River Lodge Ruacana.


Kunene River Lodge Ruacana

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Kunene River Lodge Ruacana - Namibia

Unspoilt landscapes, wildlife and historic culture abound in this wild, remote part of Africa. The Kunene River forms a natural boundary at Namibia's northern extremity, and here we find one of the country's most famous adventure centres - Kunene River Lodge.

Sited 50km west of Ruacana Falls and 100km east of the spectacular Epupa Falls, Kunene River Lodge nestles beneath a beautiful canopy of indigenous trees stretching down to the river.

 Namibia  hotel

The Lodge offers accommodation ranging from spacious deluxe
air-conditioned rooms to rustic chalets and attractive campsites, all laid out in the tranquil shade of the Jackalberry and Leadwood trees.

In addition to its idyllic setting, facilities and in-house activities, the Lodge also serves as an ideal gateway for those setting out to explore the rugged and beautiful Kaokoland region of Namibia to the north-west.

"A Piece of Paradise" has been aptly used to describe Kunene River Lodge.

Features of Kunene River Lodge
Accommodation at Kunene River Lodge
We provide the highest possible standard of accommodation and facilities for all our Guests. The Reception Area, Bar, Restaurant, Lodge Grounds and Activities are open to all, but to satisfy the diverse needs of travellers in this remote area we currently provide three distinct levels of overnight accommodation :-

• Spacious Air-Conditioned Deluxe Rooms
• A-Frame Rustic Chalets
• Campsites

Deluxe Rooms at Kunene River Lodge
We offer eight delightfully spacious Deluxe Rooms.
These Deluxe Rooms allow you to spread out your belongings, relax and sleep in comfort for the duration of your stay at Kunene River Lodge.
Each is fully equipped to international standards with :-

• Remote Control Air-Conditioning
• En-Suite Shower Room and WC
• Washbasin
• Overhead Cooling Fan
• Fitted Wardrobes and Storage Space
• Verandah with Cane Furniture
• 24 hour Laundry Service available

Five Deluxe Rooms are each furnished with Two Double Beds
Two Deluxe Family Rooms furnished with Triple Single Beds
One Deluxe Family Room has a Double Bed and Two Bunk Beds

Note: The generator runs for approximately 3 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. Torches supplied for Deluxe Rooms.

A-Frame Rustic Chalets at Kunene River Lodge
Four Rustic Chalets, each in its own beautiful plot, reflect hints of the rugged landscape and the more traditional aspects of the country in which Kunene River Lodge is situated.
These Chalets give our Guests a hint of the pioneering style of life in this part of Africa but, in doing so, they sacrifice neither comfort, convenience nor amenities.
Each is equipped with :-

• En-Suite Shower Room and WC with Washbasin
• Overhead Cooling Fan
• Wardrobe and Storage Area
• Outside Seating Area
• 24 hour Laundry Service available

Three Rustic Chalets are each furnished with Double Beds
One Rustic Chalet is furnished with Two Single Beds

We regret we cannot accommodate children in the Rustic Chalets

Campsites at Kunene River Lodge
We have set twelve Campsites in the Lodge grounds amid the lush undergrowth and under the shade of the wonderful old Leadwood and Jackalberry trees by the Kunene River.
Live close to nature and as rough or as comfortably as you choose, but with all the facilities of Kunene River Lodge nearby.

Campsite Facilities include :-
• Electricity Power Point - limited availability, see below
• Braai (barbecue) area
• Separate Communal Ablution Blocks for men and women
Blocks each have 4 WCs, 4 Hot and Cold Showers, Washbasins

General Information for Guests using the Campsites :-
• Guests are requested to refrain from making noise after 22:00
• Our Laundry Service is not normally available for Campers
• Restaurant Meals by special request only - subject to availability

Some ideas of what to do at Kunene River Lodge

Days to Remember in "A Piece of Paradise"
We want you to enjoy your Holiday of a Lifetime to the maximum. Whether your ambition is to take part in fun activities, outdoor adventure, to relax and take life easy, or anything in between, we aim to make every moment of your day an unforgettable memory.

You wake to the twittering of the dawn chorus. See how many exotic bird species you can spot as you stroll around the Lodge, or enjoy a fascinating early-morning bird-watching trip on the river.

After a hearty breakfast, choose from our impressive range of adventure activities such as kayaking, raging white-water action, trekking or hiking. Or, taking life a little easier, you could try some river fishing, a cultural trip to a local Himba village, or simply lounge around the pool.

At dusk you freshen up, then relax in good company with a drink in our bar overlooking the river, or on a Sundowner Cruise, as you admire the spectacular beauty of the scenery and a breathtaking African sunset. Round off the day with a meal in our excellent Restaurant followed by a nightcap - and so to bed for a well-earned rest and a good night's sleep.

Where is Kunene River Lodge ?

Your Holiday Adventure of a Lifetime starts the moment you step on Namibian soil for the first time. There are only two ways of reaching us :-

• By Air and Road Transfer
By far the easiest way is to charter or hire a light aircraft to fly into Ruacana or Swartbooisdrift airstrip. KRL will then provide a transfer to the Lodge, although flying into Swartbooisdrift requires that you circle the Lodge first to make contact and arrange the transfer. Flying over large stretches of Namibia is, of course, a perfect way to get a different perspective on the amazing variety of spectacular landscapes.

• Independently by Road
Roads throughout most of Namibia are relatively easy to negotiate, but gravel roads far outnumber tarred. In the rugged northern region of Kaokoland, even untarred roads are rare and the only routes to KRL are via Opuwo, Ruacana or Epupa via Epembe. 4 x 4 vehicles can tackle the riverside road from Epupa only in the dry season. The spectacular scenery makes driving an exciting adventure. But, your vehicle must be up to the job and you should be equipped to deal with emergencies. Mobile phone coverage now extends to Opuwo and Ruacana.
Getting to Kunene River Lodge by Road
If approaching Kunene River Lodge from the south via Opuwo, there is a good gravel road, passable most of the time. The journey of 135km takes approximately 3 hours, leading you through dramatic landscapes between the Ehomba and Zebra Mountains.

East of KRL, the 60km road from Ruacana is tarred for the first 13km, then has a good gravel surface which makes for an easy drive. Although it is fine in the dry season, if the river floods, diversions are in place which demand 4 wheel drive. Once again a beautiful drive, this time along the river, is a just reward for your efforts.

Coming from the west, there is a very good gravel road from Epupa Falls to Epembe, then from Epembe to KRL, together totalling 165km and requiring 3 - 4 hours travelling time. Both stretches are graded regularly - meaning their surfaces are frequently smoothed and re-contoured, so driving them is straightforward.

The riverside road from Epupa to KRL is approximately 100km and is definitely for 4 x 4 vehicles only - preferably driven with at least two vehicles. This journey takes 8-10 hours.

Email Kunene River Lodge Reservations and enquiries: booknamibia@madbookings.com

Back in 1994 the idea was hatched to build a weekend and holiday lodge on the bank of the Kunene River. Until then, apart from the kraals or villages of the pastoralist Himba people, there had been no permanent settlement in the area, and certainly no permanent buildings.

It wasn't long before a passing traveller, desperate to find somewhere to stay for the night, called in and asked if he could camp in the grounds. With true Namibian hospitality the traveller was welcomed and soon there was a trickle of weary tourists looking for somewhere to rest on the banks of the Kunene.

In 1995, the decision was made to transform this ad-hoc arrangement into a more commercial venture. By providing basic amenities and facilities including a tented camp, ablution block and not forgetting the most essential of all - a bar (!!) - Kunene River Lodge began to satisfy the modest accommodation needs for the rising numbers of tourists in this most remote part of Namibia.

The river is a magnet for visitors and as more and more people undertook adventurous self-drive holidays, increasing numbers of visitors were attracted to the area. The handsome and unique Himba people were also of great interest to visitors and, with their permission, tourists were welcomed to visit their kraals and homesteads to glimpse their simple and timeless lifestyle.

As visitor numbers increased still further, so interest in holiday activities grew, alongside the requirement for accommodation and provisions. The White Water Adventure Centre first saw the light of day in 1997. From its inception, great importance was attached to providing top quality equipment, guides and instructors trained to meet the African Paddlers Association standards of competence and safety.

Over the years Kunene River Lodge grew to accommodate the steadily increasing visitor numbers. Staff levels increased and a Manager was employed. Closer relationships were developed with the Himba neighbours and increasingly organised cultural visits to the nearby settlements became an important part of the lodge activities.

During 2004, the owner of Kunene River Lodge realised that the whole venture had become much more demanding than he had ever imagined or intended when he first started taking in occasional tourists for the night. He wanted to move on and decided to put the Lodge and the business on the market.

At this time, and by pure coincidence, a young British volunteer named Nicky was assigned by VSO to work on an HIV / AIDS project 135km away in Opuwo. She visited the Lodge and was won over by what she discovered there. In February 2005, Pete and Hillary Morgan travelled to Namibia to visit their daughter and, during their stay, Nicky brought them to Kunene River Lodge. On discovering that the Lodge was 'under offer', Pete and Hillary phoned the owner to express their interest in taking it over should the sale by chance fall through - only to hear that it had indeed fallen through just two hours earlier!

The rest is history. Pete and Hillary returned to the UK, sold up everything and finally returned to Namibia. In September 2005 the Morgan Family became the new owners of Kunene River Lodge.

There followed a period of significant investment and refurbishment at Kunene River Lodge. A new swimming pool has been built, accommodation upgraded, and facilities improved. Recently a much larger boat has been built for the Sundowner Cruises and Birdwatching Trips.

An ongoing programme of improvements and developments will continue to maintain the status of Kunene River Lodge amongst the finest Tourist Lodges in remote Namibia.

Now visited by ever growing numbers of guests every year, Kunene River Lodge stands as one of the foremost Adventure Activity Centres in Namibia and one of the few to offer Rafting. It is unusual in still being a family owned concern with that personal touch which is so welcoming to guests.

Email Kunene River Lodge Reservations and enquiries: booknamibia@madbookings.com