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Orange House

The Orange House is located just 2 minutes walk from the beach. A walk along the beach in the city center takes about 20 minutes. Swakpmund is situated between the beach and the Namib Desert. The middle building is the "Tower" dominates. There is a breakfast room, lounge and reception and kitchen.

Orange House

The Orange House has over 13 double rooms (due to recent renovations). Each room is equipped with private bathroom (shower / WC), rooms are all on the ground floor and each room has direct garden access. Breakfast is served in the South African-style breakfast room. Breakfast is served in the breakfast room decorated in a South African theme.

Orange House
Orange House

You can relax on holiday in style as "SWAKOP" has something for everyone. Guests can enjoy shopping, culture, history, Museum, well-preserved colonial buildings, like the Wöhrmann house, sightseeing flights (eg to Sossusvlei), day-flying safaris (including to the Fish River Canyon), quad biking, sand boarding, sky diving or a boat tour of the Walvis Bay lagoon.

Even golf is not a problem. Only 5 km from the gates of Swakopmund lies the 18 hole desert course of oral Ross Golf Club. In addition, you can go out of SWAKOP for more day trips and excursions such as the Welwitschia Mirabilis, an oasis Goanikontes, Cape Cross, to Sandwich Harbour in the Namib Naukluft park or to Spitzkoppe. Very recommendable is the Living Desert tour, where you get to know the animal inhabitants of the Namib desert dunes around Swakopmund. Rest and relaxation are found to be at the beach, on the pier or, if you want a delicious coffee and freshly baked cake in the Cafe Anton. For lunch and dinner guests can go to the famous brewery in Kücki's pub or in one of the many other restaurants

Orange House

Orange House

Orange House

Coming from Walvis Bay:
At the first Traffic lights
At the next intersection (stop sign) straight
At the next intersection (here on it's left or right) to the left
in the Theo Ben Guriab St. (formerly Str.)
At the next traffic light turn right (Tobias Hainyeko Str, former Garnisonstr.)
Second Road to the left (going along the sea) in the shipyard Str.dann always straight into the beach road to the roundabout;
after a roundabout and continue straight ahead, then the 3rd right in the Richthofen St.
(Watch out here because the Richthofenstr is. Created as horseshoes,
and after the roundabout is already the first) to the right

Coming from Henties Bay:
On the main road straight to the intersection with four stop signs,
right here in the Tobias Hainyeko Street (formerly Garnisonstr.) turn
The 4th right into the yard Str
then straight to the beach road (goes along the sea) to a roundabout,
after the 3rd roundabout right in the Richthofen St.
(Watch out here because the Richthofenstr is. Created as horseshoes,
and after the roundabout is already the first) to the right

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A 50% Deposit is required to hold your reservation balance is payable on 10 weeks proir to travel via EFT or Credit Card

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