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Onjala Lodge Namibia

Welcome to Onjala.
The first impression is simply astonishing. Here, where the dense bush savannah is inhabited solely by animal life, an unexpected opening appears and reveals giraffes, black wildebeest, zebras and oryx congregating to trade the news of the day. Rising above all this is a mountainside, dotted with the pointed roofs of our lodge bungalows. This is Onjala, a gem cradled in the arms of Africa, a place to catch your breath and recharge your spirit’s batteries.

Welcome to this 1,700 hectare private nature reserve, located a mere 40 minute’s drive from Windhoek airport,. It's yours now. Feel free to move around as you like, making friends with everyone or everything that crosses your path. Spend hours floating in the waterfall pool or being pampered and revitalized at our ZenSations Spa. Inside our comfortable suites, you can listen at night while the wildlife sings you to sleep with their own unique lullaby. At breakfast in the garden the next morning, you won’t be quite sure whether it was real or a dream. Onjala can be the opening scene in your journey or the grand finale. Either way, it’s always a time of enchantment within the treasures of the African spirit.


Rooms in Lodge
Built in an unconventional architectural style, rough natural stone of the area was used to blend unobtrusively with its backdrop.
The eleven duplex rooms in the main structure with large sliding glass doors and small lounges are comfortably furnished. The lower balcony overlooks the surrounding scenery and the second balcony on the upper level looks onto the central courtyard with small tropical garden, pool and waterfall.

Rooms in Bungalows
Four freestanding bungalows, each with two separate units, are tucked away in the bush a small distance from the main lodge, affording increased tranquility and privacy. The units are spacious and well appointed with large en-suite bathrooms. The decor reflects the warm colours of Africa, creating a calm, restful atmosphere. The wrap-around veranda invites to linger and take in the sights and sounds of the surrounding bush, possibly sighting an occasional warthog or antelope in close proximity.

Panorama Suites
Four freestanding exquisitely appointed Panorama Suites welcome with added luxury and privacy. Each of the thatched chalets offers a spacious sleeping area, lounge, dressing area and a generous bathroom. A fireplace and air conditioning ensure a comfortable stay, regardless of the weather. The peacefulness and tranquility of the surrounding bush can be soaked up, while enjoying an ice-cold drink from the mini-bar.

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Game Drive
Late afternoon game drives in an open vehicle around the nature reserve offer excellent sightings of a large variety of game such as giraffes, warthogs, various antelopes, ostriches, zebras and with luck even leopards.

Botanical Walk
Join our experienced guide on an early morning botanical walk. To enjoy this activity you should have a passion for nature and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Guided Horse Riding
For a nature adventure with a difference, join us on a guided horseback ride. It is recommended that participants have basic riding skills and feel comfortable to canter.

Mountain Biking
Mountain bikes are available to explore the mountainous terrain. Either keep on the marked paths or cycle off-road.

Hiking Trails
To enjoy the unspoiled nature, several marked trails and a network of farm-roads allow you to explore the surroundings at leisure. With some luck and patience you might even see wildlife up-close.

Astronomy and star-gazing
Namibia is renowned for its clear and cloudless skies. Onjala has an extraordinary observatory.
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Namibia's highlands bustle with a colourful diversity of birdlife. On walks and at the lodge a variety of birds, such as the luminous crimson-breasted shrike or a majestic secretary bird can be observed. With some luck you could witness a Verreaux's eagle-owl narrowing in on its prey or one of the endangered Lapped-faced vultures circling the skies in search of its next meal.

Game Drive on a Neighbouring Farm
Possible sightings while on a game drive on the 10.000 ha large neighbouring farm are giraffes, Burchell and Hartmanns zebras, as well as the rare waterbuck, blesbok and blackfaced impalas. With some luck you might even spot a shy rhino.

Carnivore Feeding Tour
This activity takes place at a neighbouring wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre. Most lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs and caracals cared for here cannot be released back into the wild. On an exhilarating and informative tour within the sanctuary you can observe Africa's large cats and the rare wild dog at close proximity. Experienced and knowledgeable rangers share interesting facts about the animals, their origin, behaviour and survival in the wild. The activity provides excellent photographic opportunities. For safety reasons no children under 12 years are allowed on this activity.

Weddings at Onjala
Onjala Lodge offers the perfect setting for a romantic bush wedding. Thanks to easy accessibility from Windhoek and the international Airport, your friends and family can comfortably reach the venue to celebrate your special day. Breathtaking views over the rocky hills and endless plains afford a beautiful and natural backdrop for both ceremony and reception. After the festivities the Panorama Suite is a quiet retreat with unobtrusive luxury and stylish comfort.

Meals are served either in the cozy farm-style or the open-sided, thatched restaurant, which affords sweeping views over the valley below occasionally dotted with giraffes, wildebeest, kudu or other antelopes. Our experienced kitchen team creates a hearty breakfast, scrumptious light lunch and delicious 3 course-dinner using Namibian game and vegetable specialities.

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ZenSations Spa

Our Spa offers ultimate relaxation and wellness.

Our qualified and experienced therapists Zelda Soltau and Wilmari Goussard leave our guests feeling well cared for, pampered and reborn at the end of each treatment. At our Indoor Spa guests can enjoy the luxurious Spa Bath and revitalizing Steam Shower for specialized treatments. In our Bush Spa the tranquility of nature with just the sound of singing birds and softly flowing water create an atmosphere, where guests can truly relax and unwind.

One of our exclusive wellness ranges – the "Kalahari Spa International" – includes ancient secrets of the desert and has a variety of treatments with certain traditional approaches that will ensure a true Namibian treatment experience.

For dry, sun damaged skin, we recommend the "Kalahari Desert Glow Exfoliation" or Nara Body Peeling, with a full body peeling/exfoliation followed by a shower and full body cream application for extra nourishment. Our Namibian/African Treatments include the "Kalahari Tsamma Hand Ritual & Calabash Sole Survival" with an anti-ageing Rooibos Hand/Foot Bath and Calabash or Hot Stone Massage, or the deep relaxing "Kalahari Khoi Khoi Escape" half hour Back Massage.

For ultimate relaxation and luxury combined with a skin treatment for extra nourishment, guests can book a two hour "Matsimela Full Body Treatment and Massage" with steam, full body peeling/exfoliation, spa bath and 1 hour full body massage.

Guests can spoil themselves with our "Signature Treatments" such as Hot Stone Therapy done with warm Basalt Rock & cold Marble Stone, Deep Tissue Back & Neck Massage or an Aroma Spa Bath.

The 90min Full Body Swedish Massage with the warmth of candle wax and warm lava shell is deeply relaxing and also very popular as a couples massage.

For a romantic afternoon we recommend a relaxing couples massage in our Bush Spa followed by a couple’s spa bath where guests can enjoy a cocktail or a glass of sparkling wine at candle light.

Our treatments are offered in different variations – either de-stress, relaxing, moisturizing, pampering, cleansing or detoxifying.

Beauty treatments include shaping and tinting of eyebrows and eye lashes as well as waxing, face treatments and gel nails. For hands and feet the Spa offers luxurious pedicures and manicures for both ladies and gents.

Our vision at the Spa is to make all treatments an unforgettable experience.

Have you ever wondered of what the Milky Way consists and how it is formed? Why do stars sometimes twinkle or how far are the stars away from the earth? Then observe at Onjala under guidance double stars, star clusters and nebulae under the crystal clear sky of Africa with one of the world's best telescopes - a 'Zeiss refractor'.

Depending on the season, we show you the rings of the planet Saturn, the crescent shape of Venus or Jupiter with its banded clouds and its four major moons.
When the moon is seen in the evening sky you may watch the craters and mountains of the moon with an incredible clarity.

The event begins in the open. We show you how to find the directions, with the help of the constellation of the "Southern Cross", on the Southern Hemisphere and how you then can be oriented in the night. We show you some of the typical constellations of the southern sky, and you'll learn about distances in space. Finally, you get an insight into Greek mythology to the formation of the Milky Way compared to the mythology of the Namibian Bushmen.Followed by that you can then do some observation by the Onjala telescope inside the observatory dome.

We subscribe to environment-friendly practices and sustainable tourism. With a low rainfall and high solar radiation yield, water recycling and renewable energy are our main focuses. The lodge-own water treatment plant supplies water used for flush-toilets and irrigation. A solar heating system generates the majority of the lodge's hot water supply. Further attention is given to correct waste management and de-bushing measurements to rehabilitate the formally over-utilized farm land by excessive grazing. Matters concerning Namibia's ecology and biodiversity are explained by means of information tables strategically placed along the walking trails and on guided activities.

Onjala Lodge Namibia Onjala Lodge Namibia Onjala Lodge Namibia

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Onjala Lodge

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