Exclusively available to campers, this new camp has been developed in the quiet western part of Etosha, close to the Galton Gate entrance to the park.

A beautiful and state-of-the-art double-storey hide-out has been built at the waterhole right next to the camp and game viewing can be done at this site 24 hours per day, as the floodlights give you a view of the wild animals visiting at night.

Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Olifantsrus Accommodation

Only 10 campsites are available, accommodating a maximum of 8 persons at each site, creating an exclusive opportunity to stay in the quiet camp and be close to nature without any distractions.

Accommodation Options at Olifantsrus

  • Camping
Olifantsrus Etosha National Park


Most of the camp sites are set next to the fence surrounding the camp, but also close enough to the shared ablution facilities.

The intimacy of this camp is available to only a select few, as there are only 10 campsites, accommodating a maximum of 8 persons per site.

Each campsite has a structure providing shade and every two campsites share a "facilities-island" where there is a light, tap, rubbish bin and electrical connection points.

A flat, cement surface was built at each campsite where guests can make fire and enjoy a barbeque with their own braai equipment.

Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Campsite Facilities

  • Shaded area
  • Electrical coonnection point
  • Tap
  • Light
  • Rubbish bin
  • Flat cement surface for fire and barbeque
  • Shared ablution facilities with flush toilets and hot-water showers
  • Shared kitchen facilities with 2-plate stove and fridge available
  • Shared, basic laundry facilities
Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Olifantsrus Amenities

The history of Olifantsrus is told in pictures and descriptions in the Information Centre. This gives clarification on the use of the massive equipment next to the reception building in previous years.

A kiosk is available where very basic supplies are sold - mostly only wood, firelighters and cold drinks.

Light meals can be ordered from the kiosk. There are some picnic sites available for those travelling through Olifantsrus on the way to one of the other camps.

The main attraction is the hide-out bringing you face-to-face with the wildlife drinking water at the waterhole. This facility can be used and enjoyed all through the night as there are floodlights lighting up the area at night.

Facilities at Olifantsrus

  • 10 Campsites accommodating maximum 8 persons per site
  • 24-hour open modern double-storey hide-out at waterhole next to the camp
  • Wi-Fi at reception
  • Information Centre
  • Kiosk and very basic supply store
Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

What To Do at Lodge Name

Visitors staying over at Olifantsrus mainly do so for the exclusivity of the camp and the proximity of the wildlife, which can be viewed from the double-storey hide-out just outside the camp.

Because this camp is fairly new and developed in an area in Etosha which had been off-limits to the general public until fairly recently, game viewing in this area is simply spectacular.

Spend the day at one of the nearby water holes to enjoy the huge herds of animals walking by.


  • Game viewing from the double-storey hide-out
  • Game drives
  • Self-drive game drives
  • Visit information centre

Things to See

  • Information Centre
  • Wildlife at the waterholes surrounding Olifantsrus
  • Wildlife visiting the waterhole at the camp
Olifantsrus Etosha National Park