Sylvanette Guesthouse Okahandja Namibia

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Sylvanette Guesthouse Namibia

Welcome to Sylvanette Guesthouse, your best choice in informal country hospitality!
Conveniently located en-route to Namibia’s north or beautiful coast, Sylvanette Guesthouse is found in the heart of Okahandja.
Whether on a business trip or exploring the country as a tourist, Sylvanette Guesthouse with its nine cool and quiet en-suite rooms will cater exactly for your needs….
You can relax by the pool and indulge in a colourful birdlife or undertake a trip through and around Okahandja – including a visit to the town’s famous traditional craft markets.

Whether you have a keen interest in history, wildlife or adventure or are simply looking for a comfortable stopover destination, Sylvanette Guesthouse is the excellent accommodation choice for you.
Come and enjoy our cold drinks and warm service. We’ll make you feel right at home.

Some ideas of what to do at Sylvanette Guesthouse
· Relax at the Swimming Pool
· Enjoy a meal or drink the Restaurant and Bar
· Wood Carvers (1km)
· Gross Barmen Hot Springs (12km)
· Herero Graves (2km)

Where is Sylvanette Guesthouse?
Sylvanette Guesthouse is situated in Okahandja.
· Distance from Windhoek: 78km
· Distance from Swakopmund: 287km
· Distance from Etosha: 364km

Sylvanette Guesthouse Namibia Sylvanette Guesthouse Namibia

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A little history...

If you have an interest in history, Okahandja is an exciting place to embark on a little historical journey. The name ‘Okahandja’ springs from the Herero language and symbolically describes the place where the rivers meet. The town traditionally is the seat of the Herero nation, a tribe which comprises the second largest population group of Namibia.

Although the first missionaries arrived as early as 1844, the town finds its origins back in the late 1800’s when Okahandja became a colonial military base. In 1904 the Herero uprising broke out which led to many bloody battles with the German ‘Schutztruppe’ and cost the Herero tribe great loss to their people. On August 26, 1923, the great herero leader Samuel Maharero was laid to rest here.

As Okahandja has once been the seat of the famous chief Maharero, it remains to be of great cultural importance to Hereroes all over the country until today. Each year on August 26 - Hero’s Day- thousands of Herero in traditional attire gather in the small town to commomerate their ancestral chief. Visitors are welcomed to the ceremonious events. This occasion is definitely worth watching!

Arts and Crafts
Okahandja is also an important trading point for woodcarvers from the northern regions like Owamboland or Caprivi. The carvers can be watched practising their ancient skills at the wood-and-thatch Mbangura Woodcarvers Market next to the main road. This is a good place to go shopping for souvenirs and pick your own individually crafted hippo or giraffe to take home for lasting memories of Namibia.

Activities in the area
If you are looking for a wildlife experience, ‘Okapuka Horsetrails’, 60 km’s south of Okahandja, offers different safari options.
For those guests hungry for adventure, a day of tackling 4x4 trails on the nearby farms Bergquell and Teufelsbach, can be arranged. Different routes can be chosen from, varying from easy riverside driving to a more challenging road leading to the ‘Black Eagle Camp’. These activities will need to be reserved.

A further outdoor activity offered is a day of fishing for Catfish and Carp on the nearby von Bach Dam. This can be arranged by your hosts.
Other possible activities include visiting the little town of Omaruru – which is known as ‘the jewel on the desert edge’. It is located only 170 km north - west from Okahandja and sports its own distinct character by being home to a commune of Namibian artists.
If you need some snacks on your trips exploring the area – pick up some hearty biltong from CLOSWA or Piet’s Biltong

Sylvanette Guesthouse Namibia

Sylvanette Guesthouse Namibia

Sylvanette Guesthouse Namibia

Sylvanette Guesthouse Namibia