Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge Eastern Caprivi Namibia

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Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge Is A Joint Venture Between The Private Sector And The Wuparo Conservancy That Is Part Of The Successful And Award Winning Namibian Conservancies Program Followed By Irdnc And Wwf.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

Nkasa Lupala tented lodge is built on the banks of one of the many channels of the Kwando-Linyanti river system. This unique Namibian wetland paradise in the eastern Caprivi region, is commonly known as Mamili and was recently renamed Nkasa Lupala National Park.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge
Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

The lodge and the Wuparo conservancy are part of the successful and award winning Namibian conservancy program. At Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge be ready to experience a true Eco Friendly holiday.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

The Lodge has 10 luxury Tents constructed out of steel, canvas and wood with proper doors and windows and en-suite bathroom facilities. A central main area with bar, dining room, lounge facility, kitchen, storage, office and view point is linked to the rooms through a network of pathways.

The lodge is totally energy self-sufficient for electricity and water heating by using solar panels and will serve as an example of sustainable construction and planning not only in the region but in Namibia as a whole.

Nkasa Lupala tented lodge is situated on the Lupala island less than 300m from the Nkasa Lupala NP (Mamili NP) border and the fact that there is no fence will allow large mammals and other animals to roam freely in the vicinity of the lodge.
This will enhance the sense of remote wilderness and adventure for the guests who will also experience the unique for Namibia and Caprivi, Okavango Delta-like environment combining wetlands, woodlands and open plains.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge


From our activities rather than the quantity you should expect the quality of sightings and the privilege of visiting one of the most remote and exclusive area in the region.
We are located in a unique wetland area and we do have a great difference of sightings between seasons.
Game drives
We conduct our drives in the Nkasa Lulapa NP (Mamili) and Wuparo Conservancy.
Sighting is this drives include Elephants, Buffalo, Hippo, Lions, Leopard, Impala, Kudu, Zebra and wildebeest.
Boat Cruise 2h30
This relaxing cruise departs directly from the Lodge and is conducted on the Harubandi channel part of the Kwando-Linyanti system, the unique landscape is what makes our cruises special. Animal sighting differs from the season. Ideal on the first day of arrival!
Combo Drive+Boat 5h
This is our highlight! Don't miss the opportunity to have a game drive and a exclusive cruise on the Linyanti river. This is one of the most unexplored areas of Namibia. Animal sighting differs from the season. Winter is the season wen Elephants migrate in great numbers into Namibia from Botswana.
Village visit
We conduct our guest to visit a homestead part of the Wuparo Conservancy. We also go to the local school and if possible we visit the local Traditional Authority. This should be a real experience and we chance homestead every visit.

Night Drives
This activity is preferred in the dry winter months. We will drive searching for those elusive animals that because of their habits can be observed only by night.

Walking Safari
Our Walking safari is conducted by our guides and a armed community ranger. This experience requires a certain degree of physical fitness. The activity is subject to safety conditions.

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Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge
Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge
Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge
Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge
Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge
Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

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A 50% Deposit is required to hold your reservation with balance is payable 10 weeks before your travel date. Bank transfer, credit and debit cards accepted. Paypal available on request.

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