Mile 108 is an unforgettable camping experience and is home to a large variety of fish such as surf sharks, kabeljou and many more. Come to fish and bring all you need with you, enjoy the open barrenness of the Skeleton Coast and the raw wildness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

Mile 108 Accommodation

Through the years, Mile 108 has changed from just a patch of sand on the beach to offer a little more, but it is still quite a basic camp. Boasting 170 individual campsites (each accommodating up to 8 people), it's the perfect place for large group camping. Day visitors and overnight campers are more than welcome at Mile 108.

Accommodation Options at Mile 108

  • Beach Camping
  • Self-contained Camping
  • Camping with Private Ablutions
  • Fisherman's Cabins
Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

Beach Camping

The first and most numerous camping sites are the simple spaces along the beach, marked out with a line of stones. Each one has an area on the ground for braaing, and they share communal ablutions, offering shared toilets and showers.

Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

Self-contained Camping

Next are the self-contained camping sites, the camping area is the same as the first ones being just a large area with a braai area marked out along the beach, but each camping site has its own private ablutions behind the campsite which is for exclusive use to that camping site.

Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

Camping with Private Ablutions

The final camping option are the 5 independent camping sites along the beach front. Each one has its own private braai area, toilet, shower, wash basin and light on its camping site.

Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

Fisherman's Cabins

This is a non-camping option available at Mile 108. There are four simple fisherman's huts located at the south end of the camping site, overlooking the beach. Each hut features a braai area and a windbreak outside. Inside, there is a room to store gear and a sink. Additionally, there is a small room with two beds (please note that bedding is NOT provided; kindly bring your own). Furthermore, there is a bathroom equipped with a toilet, wash basin, and shower. However, it's important to manage expectations as these structures are very basic. Nevertheless, they do offer you your own space and shelter from the wind of the Skeleton Coast.

Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

Mile 108 Amenities

At the reception area, there is cell phone signal and patchy Wi-Fi available, but it only works within the reception area. Additionally, there is a very basic shop in the reception area offering snacks, water, sodas, juice, and beer. For storing fish, there are three communal freezers in the reception area. These freezers are not locked, so please label your food. It operates on a first-come, first-served principle.

Facilities at Mile 108

  • Ablution Facility
  • Braai / BBQ Area
  • Campsite
  • No Power-Points
  • Pet Friendly
  • Rooms
Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

What To Do at Mile 108

Fishing is the main reason to visit Mile 108, its not a holiday resort it is a fishing camp on the Skeleton Coast beach and offers some of the wildest beach fishing you will ever experience. Bring all your gear with you, there is no shop selling angling gear nor a place to buy your fishing permit, you need to get that at the maritime office in Swakopmund.

Mile 108 Skeleton Coast


Spend a day or more to do some of the excursions offered in the area:

  • Excursions to Cape Cross Seal Colony and Lichen Fields
  • Museum and Art Gallery visit
  • Excursions to Shipwrecks
  • Messum Volcanic Crater
  • Quad-Biking Tours
  • Water Sports
  • Eco friendly tours into the Namib Desert, the world's oldest desert.
Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

Experience Skeleton Coast at Mile 108

Whether you're travelling north or south along the coast, Mile 108 serves as a convenient stopover for spending the night while exploring the desolate wilderness of the Skeleton Coast. However, it's crucial to come prepared. There are no restaurants and very few supplies available, so be self-sufficient during your stay in one of Namibia's wildest spots.

Expect strong winds. There is almost a constant breeze along the coast, either blowing off the sea (cool, damp, and salty) or off the desert (hot and sandy). Therefore, ensure you're ready to securely peg down your tent and refrain from hanging out laundry.

Mile 108 Skeleton Coast

Things to see

Explore the rugged nature of Namibia's Skeleton Coast, where shipwrecks dot the shoreline, offering a glimpse into maritime history. Witness the lively Cape Fur Seal colonies as they play along the rocky coast. Encounter desert-adapted wildlife, including elephants, lions, and hyenas, amidst towering sand dunes. Explore the diverse landscapes of Skeleton Coast Park, from desert plains to salt pans. With its fascinating attractions and stark beauty, the Skeleton Coast promises an adventure unlike any other.

Mile 108 Skeleton Coast