Situated in a peaceful garden in the centre of town, Haus Sandrose is often referred to as the "oasis in the desert". The guest house offers high standard services with an individual charm in all the rooms.

Haus Sandrose Luderitz

Haus Sandrose Accommodation

Haus Sandrose offers 4 self-catering unit accommodation with neat, spacious, sunny rooms and a place of tranquillity and comfort amid the harsh desert climate and surrounds. The host take pleasure in providing their guests with any information that will make their stay in Luderitz a memorable one.

Accommodation Options at Haus Sandrose

  • Halifax
  • Grosse Bucht
  • Kleine Bucht
  • Bogenfels
Haus Sandrose Luderitz


Using the 8 steps leading up to this sunny and cozy place, you can enjoy the view over the courtyard. Two single beds accommodate 2 persons, and the en-suite bathroom has a shower and toilet. The kitchen is fully equipped for food preparation, including an electrical 2-plate stove and DSTV is available.

Haus Sandrose Luderitz

Grosse Bucht

This unit can double up as a family unit, since it has an inter-leading door connected to Kleine Bucht. Each unit accommodates 2 persons, so the two units combined accommodate 4 persons in total. Grosse Bucht can also be booked separately to accommodate 2 persons. Grosse Bucht is wheelchair accessible and furnished with 2 single beds to accommodate 2 persons. The en-suite bathroom has a shower and toilet.

Haus Sandrose Luderitz

Kleine Bucht

When linked up with Grosse Bucht, this forms part of the family unit. Each unit accommodates 2 persons, so the two units combined accommodate 4 persons in total. Kleine Bucht can be booked separately to accommodate 2 persons on two single beds. The en-suite bathroom has a shower and toilet. Most often booked as part of the family unit, the kitchenette does not have a stove, but it has the other equipment and facilities needed for food preparation.

Haus Sandrose Luderitz


Newly renovated and spacious, this unit provides a bit more privacy as the outside seating area is more secluded from the other apartments. Bogenfels is furnished with 2 single beds, accommodating 2 persons. The kitchen is fully equipped, the en-suite bathroom has a shower and toilet and DSTV is available. In summertime, this unit is the coolest of all our self-catering accommodation units.

Haus Sandrose Luderitz

Haus Sandrose Amenities

The 4 self-catering units each have their own configuration and delightful decor and the kitchenettes are equipped with everything you need for basic food preparation. A dining area as well as a private patio is also available at each unit, plus DSTV. Parking is in the street, in front of the guesthouse, under 24h camera surveillance.

Facilities at Haus Sandrose

  • Enclosed courtyard to provide protection against the desert wind
  • Private and closed veranda at some of the units
  • Kitchenette equipped for basic food preparation
  • DSTV in each unit
  • Laundry facilities available for a small fee
  • Secure Parking
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars within walking distance
Haus Sandrose Luderitz

What To Do at Haus Sandrose

We will gladly assist you in planning your stay in and around Luderitz. Day tours, boat trips or a visit to the diamond ghost town Kolmanskop can be arranged. Alternatively, you can Wander through Luderitz's streets lined with authentic 19th-century Bavarian architecture, offering a glimpse into its German heritage. Take time to Indulge in the culinary delights of cosy cafes scattered around the town, offering a taste of local flavours, freshly caught seafood and traditional German dishes. Visit historic Lutheran Churches and discover the rich history of Luderitz.


  • Visit Kolmanskop Ghost Town
  • Explore Bogenfels (Famous Stone Arch)
  • Discover Felsenkirche
  • Learn about diamond mining history at the Museum
  • Tour Goerke Haus
  • Take a Catamaran tour
  • Visit Stormvogelbucht
  • Explore the Old Elizabeth Bay Mine
  • Hiking and walking trails
  • Experience 4x4/quad bike routes
  • Angling & fishing
  • Namib wild horses
  • Enjoy beach visits
Haus Sandrose Luderitz

Things to See

Get up close with the diverse marine life thriving in the South Atlantic. Spot seals, penguins, and other fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. Take a leisurely walk along the desolate beaches nearby. Look out for flamingos in the shallow waters and ostriches on the sandy shores. Enjoy stunning views of the southern Namib Desert and Diamond Area as you drive along the B4 road from Keetmanshoop to Luderitz. Stay cautious while navigating through the barchan dune field, especially in windy or foggy conditions.

Haus Sandrose Luderitz