Etosha Village Self Catering Etosha Namibia

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Etosha Village Self Catering Namibia

One of the most essential tourism products in Namibia!
Affordable family accommodation at Etosha National Park 4,3 kilometres from the Andersson entrance gate near Okaukuejo. We yet again have the view and vision of combining affordability with comfort and style in a private and protected reserve directly adjacent to one of Namibia's highlights. The days when cattle still grazed the grounds around Etosha are long gone. The 'Ondundozonananandana', mountains where the calves went missing, remain as silent witnesses. Today we preserve this land as prime destination for nature lovers with affordable accommodation in Etosha Village taking it's modern styling cues from a traditional African village.

Accommodation Units
The accommodation units at Etosha Village have been designed in such a way as to combine comfort with real African charm.
The units give the impression of spacious closeness to nature while still conveniently providing all the modern conveniences that today's discerning traveller demands.

Features of Etosha Self Catering Village
40 well appointed self-catering chalets, each featuring twin beds, sleeper couch for children under 12 and en-suite bathroom with open air shower.
Each chalet has its own boma type self-catering area, complete with wash-up area, stove, fridge and BBQ. Eating & cooking utensils available.
Our well stocked on-site utility store, "One Stop Cuca Shop" will cater for all basic needs. Etosha Village features an experience of a restaurant.
In line with the history of this ancient land, the restaurant area is spread out, almost 'kraal-like' with natural and traditional building materials as shelter. Our famous buffet meals can be enjoyed in the 'kraal' of your choice.

Some ideas of what to do at Etosha Self Catering Village
- Excursions to Etosha National Park
- Morning Drives through the Andersson Gate to Okaukuejo
- Stop-overs at "Olifant’s Bad" for light refreshments en-route Okaukuejo waterhole
- Sundowner Trips

Where is Etosha Self Catering Village?
5km from the Anderson entrance gate into Etosha just metres off the C38 road to Etosha National Park.

Etosha Village Self Catering Namibia Etosha Village Self Catering Namibia

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Etosha Village Self Catering Namibia

Etosha Village Self Catering Namibia