Epupa Falls Lodge and Campsite Epupa Kunene Namibia

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Epupa Falls Lodge and Campsite Namibia

No trip to Koakoland is complete without a visit to see the magical Epupa Falls, and while remote, with care it is accessible even for travellers without a 4x4 vehicle.

Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite has an exclusive position on the banks of the Kunene River directly above the Epupa Falls. Breathtaking views of Epupa Falls can be enjoyed from the rooms and the panoramic terrace built on stilts. Meals and Drinks are served on the Deck.

There is an abundance of life around Epupa that is best discovered and appreciated on foot including a wide variety of birdlife, and you can also see the local people at work, while a visit to one of the local villages will ensure your visit to Epupa Falls a memorable occassion. Visitors are advised to spend at least two nights to ensure they fully appreciate the beauty and unique experience offered by Epupa Falls Lodge.

Travelling through tiring stretches of Mopane bush, up and down the hills that stretch along the foot of the Baines Mountains, the Epupa Falls appear quite unexpectedly as a spectacular surprise!

Visitors descending the final gradient suddenly encounter the Kunene River amidst a lush oasis of Makalani palms and Baobab trees. The water approaches, flowing widely, then falls down a deep gorge and splashes over granite rocks into countless little streams.

In the evening the singing, clapping and dancing of local people adds to the murmur of the river. During the early morning hours, the fish eagle's call reminds visitors that they are indeed in Africa.

At the same time there is no better place to relax, read or simply idle the time away than under the Makalani palms on the banks of the Kunene.

Features of and Activities at Epupa Falls Lodge

Relax on the Deck & Bar with Panoramic views Birding
Extended strolls along the river See Baobab Trees
Visit a Himba Village Sundowner trip
Day trips to more remote areas Full and Half Day Hikes

Epupa Falls Lodge and Campsite Namibia  Epupa Falls Lodge and Campsite Namibia

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Epupa Falls Lodge and Campsite Namibia

Epupa Falls Lodge and Campsite Namibia