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Bethanie Guesthouse Namibia

Bethanien guesthouse
Known as the very first hotel to be built in Namibia, we are situated in the middle of all the tourist attractions in the south, like the breathtaking Fish River Canyon, the rocky shores of Luderitz where diamonds were first found and Sossusvlei with its unforgettable sand dunes.
From Brukaros, the old volcano to the mountain tops of Aus, visit us and see for yourself. Your hostess, Carin, will ensure your stay is enjoyable

The Guesthouse was originally built before 1880 and is therefore one of the oldest in Namibia.
Bethanie is a small town with a rich historical background against the backdrop of beautiful mountains, breathtaking sunsets and starlit skies at night.
We offer friendly service, comfortable rooms, and home cooked meals (mostly on the open fire). The Guesthouse has been newly renovated.

Features of Bethanie Guesthouse
· 22 beds (all en-suite)
· 7 Air-conditioned rooms (other rooms have ceiling fans)
· Swimming pool
· Tea/Beer garden

Some ideas of what to do at Bethanie Guesthouse
· Horse riding
· Hiking trails
· 4x4 routes
· Quad biking
· Hunting
· Bow-hunting
· Bird watching.
· Airstrip (4km out of town)
· Scenic tours available to Lüderitz, Fish River Canyon and Sossusvlei.
· Rich German history
· First colonial house in Namibia
· Southern Gateway (Bethanie)
· Gateway to Sossusvlei
· Gateway to Fish River Canyon
We will gladly assist you with further assistance for any of the above-mentioned activities.

Where is Bethanie Guesthouse?
Bethanie Guesthouse is on the C14 Route, halfway between the Fishriver Canyon, Lüderitz and the Namib Desert/Sossusvlei.

Bethanie Guesthouse Bethanie Guesthouse

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Bethanie Guesthouse

Bethanie Guesthouse