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Kalahari Game Lodge

Kalahari Game Lodge

Welcome To Kalahari Game Lodge

The vast 40 000Ha desert paradise of The Kalahari Game Lodge lies in the heart of the Kalahari desert adjacent to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Kalahari Game Lodge is a genuine desert biome providing a habitat to 55 mammals, 58 reptiles and amphibians, 105 bird species and 185 plant types.

The Kalahari Game Lodge would like to welcome all friends and family to the official reopening on the 1st of June 2014. A comprehensive renovation and restoration program is underway to ensure the best possible Kalahari experience for our guests.

The Kalahari Game Lodge promises to be one of the most remarkable yet comfortable Kalahari excursions Namibia has to offer. With brand-new additions and freshly revamped facilities, the Lodge will conform aesthetically well to the surrounding landscape as if part of the Kalahari itself. Similarly, the furnishings, decor, and trimmings are indicative of a true Kalahari oasis.

Special consideration will be given in each step of the Lodge's construction to use local or recycled materials whenever possible. Attention to detail and quality finishes will contribute greatly to creating that warm, attractive and peaceful African desert sensation that families will treasure for years to come.

We have eight lovely chalets at Kalahari Game Lodge. Each room is comfortably furnished with a private patio looking out over the Auob Riverbed and the red dunes beyond.

The rooms were designed to maximise airflow to allow for natural circulation of air to maintain a comfortable temperature during the hot summers and also to provide a lovely light atmosphere.

Each room has en-suite facilities with a small kitchenette. There is also a large outside braai area for those who wish to enjoy a campfire dinner under the stars.

Kalahari Game Lodge
Kalahari Game Lodge


Four campsites is available for the more adventurous travellers. Each campsite can accommodate four persons and is equiped with power outlets, water and sufficient shade. Central ablution facilities are available.

New and exiting campsites are in the pipeline for the near future

Kalahari Game Lodge

Kalahari Game Lodge

Kalahari Game Lodge

Kalahari Game Lodge

Kalahari Game Lodge

The Experience

Kids on Safari
At Kalahari Game Lodge we want entire families to come and experience the Kalahari wilderness. Our staff are very eager to assist with children in any way possible. We have child-friendly activities such as walks and game-drives in close proximity to the lodge along with guides who love teaching children about the natural wonders. Here children may learn more about tracking, plant-uses and art out of nature.
Parents can even leave small children in the care of our very competent staff dedicated to look after kids when parents would like to partake in the longer activities offered at Kalahari Game Lodge.

Game drives
Kalahari Game Lodge is well-know for its healthy wildlife populations. This also includes the magnificent Kalahari Lion. Our wildlife roam the red sands of the beautiful Kalahari and the best way to enjoy this is on any of our two types of game drive. Our guides are dedicated and passionate about the Namibian bush and will ensure a long-remembered experience of the Kalahari.

We offer a Scenic Game Drive where focus is on anything and everything! We learn and discover everything from the tiniest insect to the tallest mammal or tree. The drive also takes you through some of the most breath-taking Kalahari landscapes Namibia has to offer. There are few things that can beat watching a magnificent Namibian sunset from the top of a red sand dune before returning to the comfort of the lodge.

Then there is the Lion Tracking Experience. We dedicate the activity to find the most magnificent of all Kalahari creatures: The Kalahari Lion. Winding through breath-taking Kalahari wilderness, this activity will bring you eye-to-eye with some of these beasts. Few African Wildlife experiences can rival seeing these beautiful creatures amongst the time-less red sands of the Kalahari. Much time will be devoted to educate guests on the ecology of lions in the Kalahari and also to observe these animals in their natural surrounds before returning to the comfort of the lodge.

For the more adventurous, we also have a self-guided Kalahari 4 x 4 Trail where you can explore the area in your own vehicle. This trail will also take you past some waterholes where wildlife congregate during mid-mornings or late-afternoons.

Night Drives
On our night drive, we will try to show you some of the little know creatures such as Aardvark, Striped Polecat, Pangolin and several other species of nocturnal creatures. The complete darkness of the Kalahari along with the remarkable creatures found here are sure to be a truly memorable experience.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park Day Trips
For those who wish to experience a guided adventure into one of the most famous and magnificent Game Parks in Africa, we offer day trips into the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Eventhough one can explore the park by yourself, having a guide to help find and interpret the local wildlife is sure to make this a truly worthwhile experience. This activity will spend most of the day inside the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park before returning to the comfort of Kalahari Game Lodge

Walking Safari
We offer a Guided Nature Walk where one of our professional guides will share knowledge of the smaller wonders of nature. This will include learning more about wildlife tracks and signs and also about the many local uses of plants. For the more adventurous, we also have a Self-guided Walking Trail if you wish to explore the area surrounding the lodge by yourself. This trail will take you along the Auob Riverbed to the top of one of the many red sand dunes and back again.

Birding Safari
Early morning walks are best to look for Kalahari Birdlife either by yourself or with one of professional guides. For the more serious bird enthusiasts, we advise booking a private vehicle in order to devote time to explore our rich variety of birdlife along the Auob Riverbed as well as the Kalahari dunes .

Dune Braai
This is ideal for large families or groups visiting Kalahari Game Lodge. We take you to a magnificent look-out point on top of one the tallest dunes in the area to enjoy a magical evening around the fire whilst preparing your dinner. Not te be missed!

Star Gazing
Namibia is well know for its magnificent clear night skies. Our guides will escort you to the top of a dune after dinner and share their knowledge of stars and constellations with the aid of a telescope and a green laser star-pointer.


Make a reservation:

Address: Route C15, Mata-Mata,
Karas Region, Namibia

Payment information

A 50% Deposit is required to hold your reservation with balance is payable 10 weeks before your travel date. Bank transfer, credit and debit cards accepted. Paypal available on request.


Facilities at Kalahari Game Lodge

Room Facilities Room Facilities Hotel Facilities Hotel Facilities


Photographs of Kalahari Game Lodge

Kalahari Game Lodge
Kalahari Game Lodge
Kalahari Game Lodge
Kalahari Game Lodge
Kalahari Game Lodge
Kalahari Game Lodge

Directions to Kalahari Game Lodge

The Kalahari Game Lodge is situated on the picturesque C15 road in the Karas region, a mere 18km from the Mata-Mata border post. Travelling on these s-bend gravel roads is an unique Namibian experience, surrounded by majestic camel thorn trees and rusty red sand dunes.

Road conditions: Namibia has an extensive network of gravel roads that is well maintained through out the year. In summer months excessive rains can cause some handling difficulties and should be addressed carefully. 4x4 vehicles are recommended for travel in Namibia and always carry emergency gear and sufficient water supplies. Please contact us directly for the latest updates on road conditions and general enquiries.

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