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Francistown Botswana

Guide to Francistown Botswana, information, prices and photographs of places to stay in and around Francistown, booking details of accommodation in or near Francistown.

Dumela Lodge
FrancistownDumela Lodge

Dumela lodge is “your home away from home” when visiting Francistown in the North Eastern part of Botswana.

Price Guide: From BWP 66 to BWP 597
Tati River Lodge
FrancistownTati River Lodge

Tati River Lodge is a picturesque traditional, country hotel and conference center situated in Francistown.

Price Guide: From BWP 75 to BWP2653
Woodslands Lodge and Stop-over
FrancistownWoodslands Lodge and Stop-over

Woodlands is an ideal stop over to break the long journey for those exploring the Northern territories of Botswana

Price Guide: From BWP95 to BWP1580
New Earth Guest Lodge Francistown
New Earth Guest Lodge Francistown
Shumba Lodge
FrancistownShumba Lodge
Metcourt Lodge
FrancistownMetcourt Lodge
Adansonia Hotel
FrancistownAdansonia Hotel
Diggers Inn
Diggers Inn
Cresta Thapama Hotel FrancistownCresta Thapama Hotel Francistown
Cresta Marang
Cresta Marang Hotel
The Enclave
FrancistownThe Enclave
Wingate Lodge
FrancistownWingate Lodge
Ntshe River Lodge
Ntshe River Lodge
Wayside View Chalets
Wayside View Chalets
Minestone Hotel
Francistown Minestone Hotel (Town Lodge)
River View Villa
River View Villa
City Inn Lodge
FrancistownCity Inn Lodge