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Dongane Resort Guinjata Mozambique

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We are 500km north of maputo and 30km south of inhambane. Experience the tranquility of the lakes and the mystery of the indian ocean. The resort is an unspoilt paradise of natural wealth and scenic wonder. This a is a new resort all chalets are brand new.
May to november is whale watching season,as the highest concentration of southern right whales migrate to san sebstian bay to mate.
For the fishing or boating enthusiast, there is the lakes and the sea, with the best fishing spots on the mozambiquen coast.
In front of the resort is approx 15km of sandy beach front that can be explored.

The resort is between the sea on the eastern side and a 37km fresh water lake on the western side. The best of both worlds.

We have 22 basic rustic mozambique style chalets sleeping from 4 pax to 8 pax.

Dongane beach resort

A R250.00 non-refundable chalet levy is charged on chalets.
All the above prices include the 17% gove tax.
We do not supply mozi nets and towels.
The resort is run by generators.

The chalets are on the eastern/western side of the dune the best snorkeling in the very large rock pools at low tide on the reef that runs diagonal with the reef.
The 2 lakes are wonderful for any kind of water sport you would like to do. Bring your own water sport toy’s for this.

Clients can bring there own jet ski's, kayaks, wind surfers,deep sea ski boat's. You may bring your own quad bike as the resort allows quad biks to be run to the south of the houses.

· Gas available for all chalets.
· All campsites and Chalets have their own braai. Bring a grid.
. Recommend charcoal – available in +- 50kg bags along road to DONGANE at +-
70 to 80 000Mt.
· Can pay with rands, meticas, dollars & euros in the resort.
· Fish & Crayfish can be bought from the locals in DONGANE and Prawns & Calamari (Lula) Inhambane.
· Fruit, vegetables and other essentials are available in Inhambane.
· Bread is available nearby DONGANE.
· Meat, brought into Mozambique, must be vacuum packed and can’t be taken back to SA. Neither are dairy products.
· Chalets have box fridges & all the basic utensils (pots, cutlery, cups, plates & glasses) are supplied.
· Water is drinkable.
· Linen supplied in all chalets.
· Bring your own towels and mosquito nets.

Electricity: We use a generator.
Peak Season times: From 7am till 2pm and 5pm till 10pm.
Out of Season times: From 7am till 12pm and 5pm till 10pm.
Chalets - freezer supplied in each chalet.

Available at the Resort Office.
Ski boat with fibre glass hull 505,000Mt
Rubber duck & Jet Ski 363,000Mt
Spear fishing – only allowed 300m in sea from reef.
License available in Inhambane.
Bring your own bait – sardines and squid are best.

Money can be exchanged at border :
Don’t exchange money at locals on Mozambique side of border.
It is better to pay for petrol and at shops in Meticas, although Rands and Dollars are also accepted. Credit cards can’t be used.

Getting to Dongane Resortgetting to Guinjata map


Electricity normal 220 volt household freezers may be connected to our power. Your own generator may be used in the resort, but operational times are limited - 07.00hr to 20.00hr. kindly adhere to these times and be considerate to your neighbours.

Water we make a real effort to keep the water flowing. your co operation is required to ensure continuity of this valueble resorse. please conserve water when showering and don’t run water unnecessarily, kindly report leaking taps and burst pipes to the office immediately. our water is safe to drink.

Beach driving it is illegal to drive your vehilce on any beach in this country, each resort has demarkated areas that can be utilised for recreational purposes. we have markers north and south of the resort that pertain to this area. if you are caught out of this area the maritime officials will fine you r1000.00. please deflate your tyres to 1 bar. whilst you are here at dongane. hard tyres will damage our roads from the beach and our roads in the resort. this causes an inconveniance to all our guests. Dongane chalet layout

Speed limit the speed limit of any vehicle on the beach in moçambique is 15 km. kindly adhering to this speed limit in our resort and on the beach. take extra care when driving as young children are not “street wise” and an accident can happen so easily. medical attention is a major problem in this country so please be careful. there were two fatalities in the inhambane region last year directly connected to speeding on the beach. driving on the dunes is forbidden.
anyone caught speeding will have their keys conviscated or asked to leave the resort.
we reserve the right to inspect the drivers licence of anyone driving any means of transport on the beach or in and around the resort.

Quad bikes the use of quad bikes on the beach is illegal in this country, a fine of r1000.00 will be imposed if you are caught by the maritime officials. we do not allow visitors to use their bikes in and around the resort, this is strictly controlled, you may drive your quad bike to the south of the resort, on resort property. we reserve the right to conviscate the keys, or ban the use of your bike, should you break this rule.

Boat - launching and beaching this is done at legogo beach plus minus 5km from dongane resort.

Snorkeling & spear fishing.we trust that your family will appreciate its array of soft and hard corals, the tropical fish that live in this paradise.
no spear fishing may be exercised within 300m of the reef.Dongane camping guinjata

please don’t …………………………….
· remove coral, shells or anything else from our coral garden.
· stand on or touch the coral (it takes years to recover).
· dive out small crayfish and those in berry.
· litter the area with plastic or cans.

Jet ski’s. you may launch your ski at the baech or on the lakes, cuation at all times.

General. should there be any dispute of any matter with our local population kindly advise the office and we will sort it out for you, before you take your own action. our locals are very friendly people and a simple misunderstanding can end being a major problem.
do not employ any stranger at all . clear all workers with the office first.

for any information on places of interest, inhambane, day drives etc. feel free to talk to the office, we know the area well.

have a wonderful stay with us.
all at dongane

Gps reading S24 16.991 E35 22.266


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