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Royal Villas

Accommodation in Ezulwini Swaziland

Email Royal Villas enquiries and Reservations: bookswaziland@madbookings.com

The Royal Villas caters for both the Romantic and the Business Traveler.

The gold and browns of the African savannah are echoed throughout the hotel. Designed to make the most of the African sunlight and views, the villas are bright, warm and elegant. Guests have a choice of lounges and outdoor venues in which to relax and soak up the best of Africa. Whether you prefer the welcoming Pool Terrace or the more formal Lounge, you may be forgiven for being reluctant to ever leave this haven of elegance.

Last year we embarked on a soft refurbishment campaign in all of our Suites and Standard rooms.
This glamorous upgrading of upholstery, curtains, bedspreads and carpeting incorporated new colour schemes in keeping with our well established ambience of ‘African Elegance’.

Uncommonly spacious rooms allow the traveller to breathe! Our villas are fully equipped with well appointed lounge areas, dining rooms & beautiful gardens.
We have a total of 57 rooms found in 14 Villas, set in a beautiful estate with stunning views of the Royal Mdzimba Mountains. Close proximity to The Royal Swazi Casino and golf course, excellent shopping, restaurants and craft markets make it easy to find entertaining activities for a varied selection of interests.

The Hotel features the newly completed luxurious and exclusive Sultan Suite. The Sultan Suite features a private dining room, 2 lounges, a spacious bedroom with a King size bed made up with Egyptian silk sheets, a private fully stocked bar, steam room, jacuzzi, dressing room, a private study and a beautifully landscaped garden.
*Tariffs for The Sultan Suite available upon enquiry

Another development in our beautiful resort includes the newly renovated Villas 5 & 20. Warm, rich colours and inspired indoor rock gardens, fully stocked, self-catering kitchens, extended outdoor entertainment areas and 2 lounges make these Villas ideal for families and those travelling in groups.

Our pool side bar, exceptional restaurant and excellent wine cellar allow you the freedom to venture out to see what the country has to offer or to stay in and let us entertain you in 5-star elegance.

Our accommodation options are flexible and allow you the choice of being a guest in one of our villas or having the entire villa to yourself.


10 Minutes from Mbabane
25 Minutes from Oshoek Border
45 minutes by air from O.R Tambo Intn'l Airport. Transfers can be arranged at a minimal fee.
To the north is the Kruger Park and in the south are the game and coastal reserves of Kwa Zulu Natal
Johannesburg is 370km to the NW (4 hour drive)
Mozambique's coastal capital, Maputo, is 160 km

The prestigious Royal Villas rest in the shadow of the Ezulwini mountains and welcome you with five star elegance to unspoilt Swaziland. Just ten minutes from Mbabane, and twenty-five minutes from the Oshoek Border, the unique African setting and secure surroundings provide a luxurious and central base from which to explore the marvels of Swaziland and Southern Africa.

Swaziland is small, diverse, unspoilt and offers both individual travelers and conference delegates a variety of attractions and activities. Scenic drives around the countryside, unique arts and crafts and more vigorous adventures such as hiking, white water rafting and game drives are all available. This landlocked little nation offers a rich traditional culture, abundant exotic wildlife, and wonderfully varied and picturesque terrains.

Swaziland offers a wide variety of landscapes, from the mountains along the Mozambican border to savannas in the east and rainforest in the northwest. Swaziland is bordered in the north, west and south by the Republic of South Africa and by Mozambique in the east. Although Swaziland has a land area of only 17 364 square kilometers, roughly the size of Wales or the American State of New Jersey, it contains four separate geographical regions.

Business and Social
Business is conducted relatively informally and lightweight suits and a tie are the accepted form of business dress.
Appointments should be made and business cards carried. Elegant casual wear is the norm for social occasions. As a result of the good climate, entertaining often takes place out of doors. Alcohol is available and smoking is generally acceptable.

Business Hours
Office and shop hours are usually 08h30- 13h00 and 14h00 - 17h00 Monday to Friday. Bank hours are 08h30- 14h30 Mondays to Fridays and some banks open from 08h30 - 11h00 on Saturdays.

Swaziland boasts one of the most pleasant climates in the world. The Highveld region has a temperate climate while the other three regions are sub-tropical with wet summers and dry winters and although summer temperatures can be quite high, the winters are mild.

Year round the ladies will need summer dresses, skirts, slacks and blouses. In the evening in the Highveld and during the winter months (May to September) a sweater is necessary. Gentlemen wear lightweight lounge suits, slacks and sports coats with casual shirt. During the evening at smart hotels and restaurants, gentlemen are expected to wear a jacket. Formal evening dress is seldom worn unless visitors are attending a gala function or elegant private dinner party. At the royal kraals ladies must wear dresses – or a sarong.

Lilangeni (singular) or Emalangeni (plural) and cents is the currency of Swaziland. It is of equal value to the South African rands and cents and both currencies are in circulation.

There is no currency control at border posts and no limit to the amount of currency a traveler may carry. All internationally accepted credit cards and travelers cheques are honoured in Swaziland.

The chief religion is Christianity, with Zionists being the largest denomination. There are also Jewish, Muslim and Bahá'í communities.

Electric current is supplied at 220 volts AC 50Hz nd 15 amp round-pin wall sockets are used.

Only when arriving from a yellow fever infected area is a vaccination required. Although malaria has been largely eradicated, precautions are recommended in certain lowveld areas.

Siswati and English are the official languages, English is the medium of instruction in all schools and is widely understood. Proceedings and debates in Parliament are in both languages.

Local Time
Swaziland is at GMT + 2 hours

Passports and Visas
All visitors require valid passports and travel documents.

Photographing the Royal Palace, the Royal Family uniformed police, army personnel, their vehicles or aircraft is prohibited in Swaziland. Traditional ceremonies may be photographed with permission from the Government Information Service, PO Box 451, Mbabane.

If visitors wish to photograph a homestead or an individual, they should ask permission. A small gratuity may be expected in exchange for permission to take photos.

Swaziland is blessed with stunning mountains, gorgeous rivers and International grade crafts.
Cultural tours, shopping expeditions, and numerous outdoor activities are all available through local service providers.

Outdoor activities include:
Caving, White Water Rafting, Abseiling, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Game Drives, Adventure Walks and Hikes, Fishing, Boating, Quad biking, Horse riding and Paragliding

Other local activities available:
World class golf courses, casinos, kids camps, Traditional Dancing, workshop tours of local glassblowing, batik and candle making

Email Royal Villas enquiries and Reservations: bookswaziland@madbookings.com


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