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Pemba Mozambique

Pemba is in the far north of Mozambique and is another world all to itself. Pemba town is a bustling area and the best beaches in Pemba are found out at Wimbi beach just a few kilometres from the town. Wimbi beach near Pemba is where most of the accommodation and hotels for Pemba are located, with 5 star Pemba Beach and friendly Russels backpackers along the same 12km sandy Mozambique beach and a selection of hotels and restaurants along the way. Pemba is also the stepping stone for flying out to the Quirimbas Islands that dot the Indian Ocean offshore.

Ulala Lodge
PembaUlala Lodge

Ulala Lodge is located in Murrébué, in an old coconut farm on a 300m long beach. Close to Pemba (20 minutes from the city centre, 15 minutes from the airport).

Price Guide: From US$ 46 to US$ 254
Wimbe Sun
PembaWimbe Sun

Residencial Wimbe Sun in Pemba, Mozambique is very nice, clean, and comfortable. It has large en-suite rooms - great value for money.

Price Guide: From MZN4000 - MZN7500
Diamonds Mequfi Beach
Diamonds Mequfi Beach
Il Pirata
PembaIl Pirata
Pieter's Place PembaPieter's Place
Kauri Resort
PembaKauri Resort
Chuiba Palms PembaChuiba Palms Beach Villas
Pemba Villas
PembaPemba Villas
Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa PembaPemba Beach Hotel and Spa
Londo Lodge PembaLondo Lodge
Nautilus Beach Resort PembaNautilus Beach resort
Pemba Villas
PembaPemba Villas
Guludo Beach PembaGuludo Beach Lodge
Russel's Place PembaRussel's Place
Complexo Turistico Caracol PembaCaracol
Chuiba Bay Lodge PembaChuiba Bay Lodge
Pemba Arti Lodge PembaPemba Arti Lodge Pemba Mozambique
Pemba Dive and Bush Camp PembaHotel Closed

Pemba - Getting There and Away

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