Terrace Bay Skeleton Coast Namibia

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Terrace Bay

Welcome to Terrace Bay

There are a number of places on earth that capture your creative imagination and leave a lasting impression on your mind.
Namibia happens to have a number of them along its coast which serve as much sought after retreats.

Terrace Bay

Terrace Bay is one such NWR facility - an angler's paradise offering an absolutely unsurpassed coastal experience packed into one destination. Whereas the camp is ideal for anglers, it is also set in an undisturbed and peaceful surrounding enveloped in the sand dunes of the northern Namib Desert.

Terrace Bay
Terrace Bay

Terrace Bay Facilities
Terrace Bay hotel room facility Bar
Terrace Bay hotel room facility Kiosk
Terrace Bay hotel room facility Camping
Terrace Bay hotel room facility Restaurant
Terrace Bay
Terrace Bay Camp Accommodation
Terrace Bay hotel facility Double room
Terrace Bay hotel facility 1 x Beach Chalet

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