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Nacala Bay in Mozambique offers sheltered waters ideal for scuba diving and learning to free dive. Divers and holiday makers in Nacala should head straight for Bay Diving situated overlooking the beach, for business men Hotel Maiaia in central Nacala offers en-suite, air conditioned rooms. Nacala in Mozambique is the worlds second deepest natural harbour, and the deepest in Africa.

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Nacala is the worlds second deepest natural harbour, and the deepest in Africa. It has developed for shipping since 1951 and is now an important port with rail links to neighbouring countries and road links to Nampula southwest of Nacala and Pemba & Montepuez to the north.

The diving in Nacala Bay is a paradise of coral reefs just waiting to be discovered and the sheltered and warm waters of the bay offer ideal conditions for beginners. The diving lodge situated at the well known Fernão Veloso beach also specialises in free diving. The restaurant here is open to the public on Sundays so if you are staying elswhere it is worth a visit for Sunday lunch (you won't find roast beef on the menu but the calamari is excellent).

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