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Mozambique Island was once the singularly most important town in Mozambique used as a commercial settlement by merchants, particularly Arab merchants, to trade along the entire Mozambican coastline. The island is easily accessible by vehicle via a concrete bridge over 2km long built in the 1960's.

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The island is split into two unique sections, the "Stone Town" where the Muslims originally built their limestone city and later the Portuguese built their trading posts, forts and public buildings, and the "macuti" town constructed by stick-to-prick and clad with clay.

While wandering around the island you will see the influence of muslim and Portuguese architeture in the dacaying public buildings and those which have been restored, many of which are now guest houses.

Things to do on Ilha de Mocambique:
Walk around the old Portuguese fort
Visit to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora (probably the oldest building on the island, dating to 1552)
Visit to the Palace of São Paulo, now a museum
Visit to the Chapel of São Paulo an annex to the museum with carvings from India
Snorkelling and Diving trips
Dhow trips to nearby Goa Island for snorkeling, swimming and deserted beach
Day trips to Chocas beach (mainland)

Mozambique Island - Getting There and Away

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