Casa do Farol Ponta Do Ouro Mozambique

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Ponta Do Ouro

Casa do Farol

Currently undergoing renovations until November 2015

Our Lodge has room service, self catering kitchen (includes all the utensils and equipment to make your meals), braai area with microwave, private pool and large garden.

Casa Do Farol was decorated especially for you, with all the local type art.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and refrigerator

Casa do Farol

Casa do Farol

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Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol
Casa do Farol

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A 50% Deposit is required to hold your reservation with balance is payable 10 weeks before your travel date. Bank transfer, credit and debit cards accepted. Paypal available on request.

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