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Sossus Dune Lodge

Why? Combination of its wonderful location and great ambience around the lodge


If you are going to experience the wonders of the Namib desert at Sesreim and sossusvlei Sossus Dune Lodge is one of the only accommodated lodges inside the national park, allowing you to get an early start when you go to watch sunrise in the heart of the desert.

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The lodge has a great location tucked beside a kopje (small hill) with views stretching out over the Namib desert

which is where you will go to see Dune 45 .. and climb up it if you feel energetic

At the lodge the chalets are spacious with ensuite bathrooms, each with a desert panorama

and the food, ambience and service is very pleasant

Its a view that changes with the light, the desert has its own moods and the colours change with the sun

escape the heat with a dip in the lovely cool swimming pool nestled among the rocks

which you will really appreciate after climbing over those sanddunes

and experiencing the dryness of deadvlei...


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