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Price Guide
360 Xpress Citycenter Kuching 360 Xpress Citycenter Kuching
48 Room-for-Rent
Kuching 48 Room-for-Rent
56 Hotel
Kuching 56 Hotel
7 Homestay
Kuching 7 Homestay
Abell Hotel
Kuching Abell Hotel
Abell Residence
Kuching Abell Residence
Airport Guest House
Kuching Airport Guest House
Ariva Gateway Kuching Ariva Gateway Kuching
Asian Hotel
Kuching Asian Hotel
Axiel B B
Kuching Axiel B B
B & B Inn
Kuching B & B Inn
Backpacker's Stay
Kuching Backpacker's Stay
Badul Homestay
Kuching Badul Homestay
Barok Lodge
Kuching Barok Lodge
Basaga Holiday Residences Basaga Holiday Residences
Batik Boutique Hotel Batik Boutique Hotel
Batik Sanctuary Over Santubong Batik Sanctuary Over Santubong
Batu Bata Guesthouse Batu Bata Guesthouse
BB Bunkers
Kuching BB Bunkers
Beds Guesthouse
Kuching Beds Guesthouse
Berambih Lodge
Kuching Berambih Lodge
Bidayuh Annah Rais Longhouse Bidayuh Annah Rais Longhouse Homestay
Bori Ottok Guesthouse Bori Ottok Guesthouse
Borneo Coffee Lodge Borneo Coffee Lodge
Borneo Highlands Resort Borneo Highlands Resort
Borneo Hotel
Kuching Borneo Hotel
Borneo Seahare Guesthouse Borneo Seahare Guesthouse
Borneo Tribal Lodge Borneo Tribal Lodge
Brooks Terrace
Kuching Brooks Terrace
Budget & Comfort Hostel Budget & Comfort Hostel
China Town Inn
Kuching China Town Inn
Chonglin Plaza Hotel & Suites Chonglin Plaza Hotel & Suites
Citadines Uplands Kuching Citadines Uplands Kuching
City Inn Hotel
Kuching City Inn Hotel
Cove 55
Kuching Cove 55
Cozee Hostel
Kuching Cozee Hostel
CT2 Hotel
Kuching CT2 Hotel
Culture Inn
Kuching Culture Inn
Damai Beach Resort Damai Beach Resort
De Palma Waterfront Kuching blackjack
Dormani Hotel
Kuching Dormani Hotel
Dorset Boutique Hotel, Kuching Dorset Boutique Hotel, Kuching
Dream City
Kuching Dream City
Drop In Guesthouse
Kuching Drop In Guesthouse
Edmond's at Kenny Hill Edmond's at Kenny Hill
Fairlane Inn
Kuching Fairlane Inn
Fairview Guesthouse Fairview Guesthouse
Fata Hotel
Kuching Fata Hotel
Kuching Fendy
Furama Lodging House Furama Lodging House
Gawing Lodge
Kuching Gawing Lodge
Gibbon Guesthouse
Kuching Gibbon Guesthouse
Goodwood Inn
Kuching Goodwood Inn
GoREST Kuching
Kuching GoREST Kuching
Grand Margherita Hotel Grand Margherita Hotel
Grand Medallion Hotel Grand Medallion Hotel
Grand Supreme Hotel Grand Supreme Hotel
Green B&B
Kuching Green B&B
Guesthouse 68
Kuching Guesthouse 68
GW Furama Apartment GW Furama Apartment
Harbour View Hotel
Kuching Harbour View Hotel
Hero Hostel
Kuching Hero Hostel
Hilton Kuching
Kuching Hilton Kuching
HomeStay Kuching
Kuching HomeStay Kuching
Hotel Grand Continental Hotel Grand Continental Kuching
Hotel Hung Hung
Kuching Hotel Hung Hung
Hotel Longhouse
Kuching Hotel Longhouse
Hua Kuok Inn
Kuching Hua Kuok Inn
Imperial Hotel Kuching Imperial Hotel Kuching
Jenny's Homestay Kuching Jenny's Homestay Kuching
Jewels of Borneo Guest House Jewels of Borneo Guest House
Jinhold Service Apartment Jinhold Service Apartment
John's Place
Kuching John's Place
Kampung Darul Islam Belimbing Kampung Darul Islam Belimbing
Kapit Hotel
Kuching Kapit Hotel
Kingwood Inn
Kuching Kingwood Inn
Kuching Park Hotel
Kuching Kuching Park Hotel
Kuching Place to Stay Kuching Place to Stay
Kuching Rd Homestay Kuching Rd Homestay
Kuching Waterfront Lodge Kuching Waterfront Lodge
Kurakura Homestay
Kuching Kurakura Homestay
Laila Inn
Kuching Laila Inn
Living House
Kuching Living House
Liwah Hotel
Kuching Liwah Hotel
Lodge 121
Kuching Lodge 121
Longhouse Adventure Longhouse Adventure Homestay
Lot 10 Boutique Hotel KuchingLot 10 Boutique Hotel Kuching
M Hotels
Kuching M Hotels
Malibu Lifestyle
Kuching Malibu Lifestyle
Marco Polo's Travellers Marco Polo's Travellers
Marlin Inn
Kuching Marlin Inn
Mayfair Hotel Kuching Mayfair Hotel Kuching
Mega Inn
Kuching Mega Inn
Mendu Inn
Kuching Mendu Inn
Menyang Tais Longhouse Menyang Tais Longhouse
Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites
Morning Glory Guest House Morning Glory Guest House
Motel Siangolila
Kuching Motel Siangolila
Mr. D's Bed & Breakfast Mr. D's Bed & Breakfast
Muhammad Homestay blackjack
My Kuching Homestay - Borneo My Kuching Homestay - Borneo
My Place Hotel & Lodge My Place Hotel & Lodge
My Sarawak Travel Cafe Guesthouse My Sarawak Travel Cafe Guesthouse
Nadin Homestay
Kuching Nadin Homestay
Nanga Damai Homestay Nanga Damai Homestay
Nanga Shanti
Kuching Nanga Shanti
Natol Motel
Kuching Natol Motel
Nemo Inn
Kuching Nemo Inn
Nomad Borneo Bed & Breakfast Nomad Borneo Bed & Breakfast
Nook B&B
Kuching Nook B&B
Nova Hotel Kuching
Kuching Nova Hotel Kuching
One Hotel Santubong One Hotel Santubong
One Point Hotel Kuching One Point Hotel Kuching
Onestar Lodge
Kuching Onestar Lodge
Oriental Inn
Kuching Oriental Inn
Padungan Hotel
Kuching Padungan Hotel
Penview Hotel
Kuching Penview Hotel
Permai Rainforest Resort Permai Rainforest Resort
Petanak Lodge
Kuching Petanak Lodge
PG Inn
Kuching PG Inn
Pinnacles Kuching Lodge Pinnacles Kuching Lodge
Place2Stay @ Chinatown Place2Stay @ Chinatown
Place2Stay @ RH Plaza Place2Stay @ RH Plaza
Place2Stay @ Riverside Place2Stay @ Riverside
Place2Stay at City Centre Place2Stay at City Centre
Planet Borneo Lodge Planet Borneo Lodge
Premium Stay Hostel Premium Stay Hostel
Public Lodge @ Simpang Tiga Public Lodge Kuching @ Simpang Tiga
Public Lodge @ Market Road Public Lodge@Market Road
Pullman Kuching
Kuching Pullman Kuching
Quiik Cat
Kuching Quiik Cat
Rafflesia Inn
Kuching Rafflesia Inn
Rafflesia Lodge
Kuching Rafflesia Lodge
Regal Court Kuching Regal Court Kuching
Riverside Majestic Hotel Riverside Majestic Hotel
Rom's Homestay
Kuching Rom's Homestay
Saloma's Villagestay Saloma's Villagestay
Samudra Court Hotel Samudra Court Hotel
Sarakraf Pavilion
Kuching Sarakraf Pavilion
Saramo Hostel
Kuching Saramo Hostel
Seri Santubong Guesthouse blackjack
Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park Resort Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park Resort
Singgahsana Lodge
Kuching Singgahsana Lodge
Skyvilla Condo Kuching Skyvilla Condo Kuching
Kuching StayIn
Tai Pan Hotel
Kuching Tai Pan Hotel
Telang Usan Hotel Kuching Telang Usan Hotel Kuching
The Coff's Residence B&B The Coff's Residence B&B
The Family Lodge @Stampark The Family Lodge @Stampark
The Kebun
Kuching The Kebun
The Kebun Residences The Kebun Residences
The LimeTree Hotel
Kuching The LimeTree Hotel
The Nook Guesthouse The Nook Guesthouse
The Radioman, Heritage Hostel The Radioman, Heritage Hostel
The Ranee Boutique Suites The Ranee Boutique Suites
The Room
Kuching The Room
The Secret Sanctuary The Secret Sanctuary
The Secret Sanctuary CottageThe Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage
The Village House
Kuching The Village House
ThreeHouse Bed & Breakfast ThreeHouse Bed & Breakfast
Tourist Home
Kuching Tourist Home
Tracks Bed & Breadfast Tracks Bed & Breadfast
Transit Point
Kuching Transit Point
Traveller Homestay
Kuching Traveller Homestay
Tribeca Suites
Kuching Tribeca Suites
Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching
Uin Inn
Kuching Uin Inn
Urban Concept Homestay Kuching Urban Concept Homestay Kuching
Wesberly Apartments Wesberly Apartments
White Cottage
Kuching White Cottage
Wo Jia Lodge
Kuching Wo Jia Lodge
Woodpecker Lodge
Kuching Woodpecker Lodge
Wrong Place
Kuching Wrong Place
Zotel Business & Leisure Hotel Zotel Business & Leisure Hotel