African Ranches River Camp Martins Drift Botswana

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Martins Drift

African Ranches River Camp

Spend your days in the shadows of the large trees and listen to their gentle whispers at night, while sleeping under a star-studded sky, far away from any city life.

African Ranches River Camp Botswana is situated on the banks of the second largest river in Southern Africa, the majestic Limpopo River in the Tuli Block, Botswana. The perfect campsite for a weekend getaway or overnight stop en-route to central or northern Botswana. This is definitely the epitome of camping!

African Ranches River Camp

The Campsite in Botswana has sweeping river views, scattered with a large variety of indigenous trees, and an incredible birdlife for the keen birdwatcher. Enjoy the sight of hippos frolicking in the water as well as crocodiles lazing in the sun. African Ranches River Camp Botswana offers the ideal getaway for the nature loving family or a special group of friends to partake in nature’s quiet, peace and tranquillity.

African Ranches River Camp

African Ranches River Camp
African Ranches River Camp

African Ranches River Camp

Only 32 kilometres from Martin’s Drift/Groblersbrug Border Post, a four hour drive from Johannesburg and a four hour drive from Gaborone.

The campsite offers ablution facilities with hot and cold water showers, although there is no electricity. Drinking water is available and firewood is supplied for the water boiler and fire.
We offer camping stands for tents, caravans, the enthusiastic 4x4’s, overlanders etc.

African Ranches River Camp

Create a Shelter Before Dark!

One of the most important Camping Tips is to plan your journey to any Camping destination so that you arrive before dark.

Camping in Botswana for South Africans is a fun and popular destination. African Ranches River Camp Botswana offers an unforgettable experience. Plan your trip correctly so that you can have your tent and campsite up before dark!

Take the appropriate clothes and seasonal sleeping bags!

Remember that Camping in Botswana is an outdoor experience for most people, so the logical thing to do is to wear comfortable clothes. Be aware of the climate and seasonal weather of the camping destination you're going to. Protect your feet! Ideally you would want to wear hiking boots when camping and exploring the surrounding areas. Even seasonal sleeping bags can make a big difference to your camping experience. In the summer months a light-weight sleeping bag would be recommended and in the colder winter seasons a sleeping bag with a lower temperature rating would be able to keep you warm in the cold African Safari climates.

African Ranches River Camp

African Ranches River Camp

African Ranches River Camp

Always have enough clean water and survival kit!

In most areas of Africa, malaria is a problem. Please be aware of the area and malaria warnings and take the needed malaria shots or pills with you on your trip. Clean drinking water isn't always available in camping sites and everyone knows how important water is to avoid dehydration in the warmer months and just in general. Make sure you have a survival kit handy to disinfect any cuts or bruises which you might have to treat on your camping experience in Botswana.

Please Note: African Ranches is a Malaria free Camp Site in Botswana!

African Ranches River Camp has fresh, clean & safe drinking water!

Take extra precaution when camping with your kids or animals!

Kids and your pets by nature is very adventurous. Always be aware of the animals which are wandering around the camp site and set a couple of rules and regulations or rather, playing boundaries. Always have an adult with the kids or pets when they decide that they would like to explore the camp site. Having a walk with your pet around the camp site once you arrive will familiarize him or her with the area, and if your pet is well trained it wouldn't be a problem to set a boundary for them.

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GPS Co-ordinates: S 22 47.639, E28 03.573

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Facilities at African Ranches River Camp

Campsite Facilities Activities
Self catering camp stands
Ablution: (flush toilets; hot-water showers) (Solar Lights are provided in Ablution)
Braai and firewood
No electricity
Plunge pools
Bird watching
Self drive game drives

Reviews of African Ranches River Camp

"I can't thank you guys enough for the amazing stay at your campsite to end our tour of Botswana. One of the best campsites I have ever stayed in. Your staff are friendly, well mannered and very attentive to the needs of your customers. Your campsite itself is beautiful as well as all the facilities offered. Thanks so much, we will definitely be staying with you again in the near future!!!" - Roland Rau

Payment information

A 50% Deposit is required to hold your reservation with balance is payable 10 weeks before your travel date. Bank transfer, credit and debit cards accepted. Paypal available on request.

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