Creating more business for your business

Internet bookings of hotels and accommodation via websites on computers tablets and mobile phones is one of the fastest growing methods for people worldwide to make hotel reservations, it is a very effective marketing tool as long as the customers notice you!

Madbookings gives you access to this vast marketing potential for an extremely low annual cost. Displaying worldwide to an ever growing audience we want to work with you to increase your bookings and help your business grow while providing customers worldwide support and information they can trust while travelling to America.

What makes different?

Cheaper advertising than magazines and reaches more international travellers, the age of reading books and magazines is over, everyone wants to 'google' it and read things online.

International worldwide coverage has thousands of visitors every day looking for information on where to go and what to do.

Strong customer bases in major travelling countries including Germany, France, United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia to name a few.

A website travellers use
Keeping our website up to date and full of useful information means travellers trust what they find on our webpages.

Growing website will contine adding more destinations to the website, meaning more people being exposed to your business every day.

Paraguay hotel advertising

Online ezine magazine, going out to over 30 000 people every month keeps our customers entertained and loyal.

Deal direct with the customer

All enquiries from the website are sent directly to you, there is NO COMMISION to pay however many bookings you get!

You deal directly with each customer the only payment is the annual fee to advertise on the website.

One year (365 days) display rate is $50

No holding rooms or dealing with agents who dont sell your property correctly, all the inquiries go direct to you via the method you prefer: email, facebook and more.

Online travel searches are already at an all time high and increasing, more people search for hotels and travel activities via the internet than by any other method, simply put if you cant be found online you are missing business!

I have a website already
why do I need this?

This doesnt replace your website, it adds to your exposure, Madbookings displays well all over the world opening up your business to more customers than ever.

I dont have a website
can I use this as my website?
Yes, you will have a webpage which you can fill with photographs, information and prices then add it to your Facebook, flyers and other advettising mediums so customers can see what your business is all about, all the business generated goes directly to you.

What does this give you?

Well the best way to show you is to look at these examples:
How your accommodation will display on an area page
These are the most important pages on our website - where customers select which of the many places to stay -
You would get a large prominent display, giving you the edge over other hotels.

What will your webpage look like?
This is where you impress the customer with your accommodation, but we will do all the work, we can either take information direct from you by email, form or website and create this page for you tailored uniquely to your accommodation, if you want changes made just let us know and we make them, no hassle for you let our friendly team do the work while you deal with the new enquiries and customers!

Getting your Accommodation listed

List accommodation on Madbookings

Can you make changes to your listing through the year?

Yes you most certainly can at no extra cost and we will do the work, send us new images, rates, updated information and we will adapt the page as you require.