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Victoria Falls 'the smoke that thunders'
between Zambia and Zimbabwe

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The bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe is a piece of history in itself and offers great views down into the Zambezi gorge over 111 metres below

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Useful Travel information for Zambia

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Zambia Time zone: Mozambique is GMT plus 2 hours

Zambia Currency: Zambian Kwacha - (usually shown as k, Zk or kw) and is available in 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 50000 notes
Although the US Dollar is the main currency used in Victoria Falls and most things are priced in US$, Euros, GB Pound and South African Rand can be exchanged at banks (slow process) and at the Forex bureau either at the airport or in Livingstone town main street (quicker process and usually better rates than the banks)
All tourism establishments will quote their prices in US Dollars but it is fine to pay in the local currency at the daily exchange rate.
Cash Machines (ATM) in Livingstone
There is a cash machine (ATM) at the airport and four cash machines in Livingstone main street money will be given out in Zambian Kwacha exchange rate will be set by your card supplier and often they will apply a foriegn exchange fee THE CASH MACHINES ONLY ACCEPT VISA CARDS Credit or debit cards MASTERCARD Maestro and Cirrus are NOT WIDELY ACCEPTED IN ZAMBIA, very few lodges and hotels take mastercard, more will ake payments by visa card but often with a surcharge fee so check before using!
Travellers Cheques
Not widely accepted and where they are it is usually at a hefty fee!
Handy to have as a back up for emergencies - also only changable during working hours.

ONLY EXCHANGE MONEY in licensed banks and bureau de changes which are available in all major towns - there is no need/reason to change money on the street you will in all lielihood get ripped off !

Zambia Official Languages: English is the official language of Zambia.
A number of local languages are also spoken varying from area to area.

Zambia Power Supply: Electricity 220 - 240 V AC, 50 Hz

Typical Zambian plug socket Most places have these style plug
a 3 square pin UK type. Some places have different types email us to find out which has what !




Zambia Gerography and Weather

Zambia's 752,614 sq. km are dominated by a plateau, which slopes to the south.
This land-locked country shares its borders with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Due to its accessibility, Zambia makes an ideal country for onward travel. The landscape is diverse, incorporating swamps and wetlands, tropical grasslands and mountain ranges. Zambia also lays claim to three of Africa's most beautiful rivers: the Luangwa, the Kafue and the mighty Zambezi.

Zambia has three distinct seasons: cool and dry from May to August; hot and dry from September to November; and hot and rainy between December and April. Zambia is accessible all year round; however game viewing in most major National Parks is limited from January-April. During the 'winter' expect warm days and chilled nights while during the 'summer' months, icy beer is required around the clock.

Visas and Entry Requirements for Zambia

All visitors need a current passport with a minimum of 6 months validity. Visa’s are required by most countries (South Africa being the main exception), these can be obtained in advance at a Zambian embassy.
It is also possible to obtain a visa at most entry borders.
Please consult your booking agent or contact us for up to date information.
All visitors require a passport, with two clear pages.

Visa Fees do vary slighty depending on nationality but in general at Livingstone airport it will cost:
Payment for entry visas must be paid for in US Dollar only and in cash - no cards or travellers cheques
US$50 per passport single entry - use for one border crossing only when you leave it expires
US$80 per passport double entry - allows you to cross the border twice on the same visa, so if you want to visit the Zimbabwe side of the border as well then ask for this visa - If you do not ask for a double entry they will only give you a single entry

Current visa information is available at
Never bribe border officials as this continues problems for the future and can get you into trouble when leaving the country!

Border posts / times
Since Zambia is surrounded by so many different countries, there are numerous border posts dotted about. All border posts are open from 06:00 to 18:00 except the Chirundu (Zimbabwe/Zambia) border which is open from 06:00 to 19:00 and the Livingstone (Zimbabwe/Zambia) border which is open from 06:00 to 22:00.

Getting around Livingstone and Taxi's

it is safe to stroll around Livingstone during the day with all the normal precautions like not flashing money around, wearing lots of expensive jewellery, watches etc.
At night it is like every town - best to take taxis and walk in a group and stick towel lit streets (there really is only the one main street in Livingstone where all the restaurants, bars and clubs are, as usual the later it gets (especially at weekends) the more drunk people/drivers to watch for !

The Victoria Falls are quite a way from Livingstone town, most accommodation places either run a shuttle or trips to the falls but if you do need to get there you can use a local taxi, only use the blue taxis (as in the photo below) the fare is approx Zambia Kwacha 30,000 each way. (there are plenty taxis hanging around the falls which is also 100 metres from the Zimbabwe border) taxis are not allowed to cross the border.

Zambian taxis are often old nd trundle along at a slow pace but drivers are safe as long as you stick to a liscenced blue taxi
'Scotch' and his taxi whom we always use when we visit Livingstone
and can supply his phone number to all our clients.

Zambia Cuisine

Zambia's national dish would have to be nshima and relish which most every African eats on a daily basis. Nshima consists of a stiff maize meal porridge whilst relish is basically anything accompanying the nshima (this includes meat, chicken or fish and/or vegetables). Africa does not easily cater to vegetarians (though most lodges will if told in advance) as the diet is based around meat and starches. Braai/Barbecuing is a common and social affair throughout Southern Africa. Around the country, fruits, eggs, bread, drinks and seasonal vegetables are sold by the roadside.
Drinking is as important to daily life in Zambia as it is in most countries. Mosi and Rhino are the Zambian local lagers and readily available throughout the country.
Most spirits and South African wines are available in the cities. Major soft drinks and juices are found everywhere!

Zambia History, Culture & People

President Mr. Levy Manawasa
Capital city Lusaka
National Bird Fish Eagle
National Motto One Zambia, one nation
Area 752, 615 sq km
Population 10 million

There are some Zambian social conventions which might take the westerner by surprise. Although handshakes are commonplace when meeting an old friend or being introduced to a new one, it is also standard to continue clasping the others hand throughout the conversation. In addition, it is quite normal to see grown men walking down the street holding hands without ever a thought to them being anything other than just good friends. Although Zambian cities are quite westernised, it is important to adhere to certain social conventions when in the rural areas. This is especially important for woman so as not to offend; please cover your shoulders and your knees (a sarong is perfectly acceptable).

If you ask how long it will be until the next bus, you should know the difference between now, just now, and now now. They may seem similar, but to an African, these mean completely different things with 'now' meaning anytime in the next few hours, 'just now' meaning anytime in the next few days and 'now now' meaning anytime in the next few minutes. It is inevitable that during your stay in Zambia, and throughout Africa, you will hear the saying 'Africa Time'. In a land of few watches and even fewer clocks, you will notice that punctuality is not of the utmost importance. Don't rush, just sit back and certainty don't stress when your ticket needs to be written out in triplicate before you are able to board the bus. This is perfectly normal... just relax and get chatting to your neighbour - they'll love to be given the opportunity to talk to you. Oh! And one last thing to note... 'please' and 'thank you' are not words used in many African languages so don't consider their exclusion rude, just take the huge toothy grin you'll receive to be thank you enough.

Zambia is deemed a Christian nation according to the constitution but all people have a right to follow their own ideology. Traditional beliefs are still very prevalent even for those people who consider themselves of another faith. Church attendance is high throughout the country and makes for an eventful introduction to local custom. Africans love to sing, dance and dress in their finest so Sunday morning is generally good fun in any town. Numerous Christian churches are present as well as Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Sikh halls.

What to wear in Zambia

For most of the year light clothing is a must in Zambia, evenings can get cool from June to August requiring a shirt or light jumper. A long sleeved top is handy for keeping off the sun and don’t forget the suncream and sunglasses.

Health & Safety in Zambia

Zambia is a malaria area so please consult your doctor on a suitable anti-malarial, In light of this, the best cure is prevention so always use mosquito spray, sleep under a mosquito net and wear trousers, long sleeved shirts and socks in the evenings and early morning.
Also an up to date Tetanus while polio, typhoid and hepatitis A are recommended, consult your doctor for further information.

Insurance for Zambia

Travel insurance with medical cover is recommended.


Mobile phone networks cover all the main areas, local sim cards are also widely available with Vodacom, Zamnet and Zain. Internet is still slow and limited to major areas.
Telephone services in Zambia are expensive, especially for international calls, but are available in all major towns.
It is often cheaper to have people call you back (the international dialling code for Zambia is 260). An increasing number of towns and lodges are providing internet services which tends to be a more reliable and cheaper option for international contact. Expect to pay about USD$6-7 per hour for internet access.

Zambia Souvenirs

There are many good bargains available to remind you of Zambia and indeed Africa. In Livingstones main street there is an area where stalls are set up selling pieces from all over Southern Africa including wood carvings, bead work, pottery, stone carving, batiques, material and more, enjoy browsing this wonderful selection.

Driving in Zambia

A valid drivers licence (printed in English) or an International Drivers Licence is required for Zambia and traffic keeps to the left.
Though there is an extensive road network throughout the country, many tarred roads are incredibly potholed whilst many sand/dirt roads are in immaculate condition.
The roads in some national parks are impassable in the wet season, even in a 4X4. It is best to talk to locals about road conditions before embarking on your journey. If you are planning on going off-road then be sure to carry a shovel to dig yourself out of the sand, and an axe to cut wood for traction.

Zambian Traffic Police set up numerous roadblocks throughout the country and will check vehicles for most every infraction. It may seem a pain, but note that many taxis and minibuses are barely running, let alone roadworthy so it is in the best interest of everyone. As long as all of your lights are working, you are carrying your paperwork (including third party insurance), your passport, drivers licence, road triangles (yes, they will ask!) and have reflective tape on the front and rear of your vehicle then you should have no problems.
Fuel and car hire are expensive in Zambia so renting/buying a car in South Africa or Namibia or taking local buses is usually the best option.


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