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JN6 Guest House

Accommodation in Mbabane Swaziland

Email JN6 Guest House enquiries and Reservations: bookswaziland@madbookings.com

Is a lovely first class establishment that is designed for total relaxation, your home away from home. Come and enjoy the magnificent city views, the surrounding areas and a friendly atmosphere.

This is your ideal destination that is centrally located to have access to several areas of interest like game reserves, hot springs, waterfalls, hand craft markets, industrial estates, government offices, shopping malls, recreational centres, tourist attraction destinations and many other business and leisure centres.

Information about JN6 Guest House in Mbabane JN6 Guest House Swaziland will be coming soon. Please email us if you need accommodation in Mbabane

Email JN6 Guest House enquiries and Reservations: bookswaziland@madbookings.com

JN6 Guest House Facilities :

private balcony internet access TV
tea utensils refrigerator Jacuzzi

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