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Torra Bay

Welcome to Torra Bay

Torra Bay campsite is a popular fishing retreat, situated within the Skeleton Coast Park. Torra Bay, only open in December, January.

Torra Bay

Torra Bay Accommodation

* 60 x campsites

Torra Bay Attractions and Activities*

Popular angling spot especially during January and December.

Torra Bay
Torra Bay Facilities
Torra Bay hotel facility 60 x campsites
Torra Bay hotel facility Communal ablution facilities





The shore-based fishing here is excellent and that is really the only reason to stay here. The resort is situated in the Skeleton Coast National Park on Namibia's cold and icy Atlantic coast. It is approximately 270kms north of the town Henties Bay. This part of the coastline is notorious for its treacherous sand banks, to which many ships over the years have fallen prey. A number of shipwrecks are testimony to this tragic past, hence the name Skeleton Coast.

There are 60 campsites at the Torra Bay Resort and the amenities are pretty basic, such as water, firewood, a shop and a petrol station. Visitors are advised to bring all of their own equipment with them. There are two roads leading inland from the coast, but as this is a sparsely populated region, care should be taken when driving on the sometimes-unmaintained gravel and sand roads. If you do have an accident or a breakdown, your wait might be a long one, before the next vehicle comes along. Fast driving causes most accidents in this area. Day visitors are not permitted to Torra Bay.