Rizoldo Rates and Prices

The cost to spend a night at the Rizoldo Guinjata, rates, prices and booking information for accommodation at the Rizoldo Mozambique.


Rizoldo Guinjata

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Mozambique Accommodation

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Rizoldo enquiries and reservations: mozambique@madbookings.com

Quote me a great price: email: mozambique@madbookings.com It would speed up the process to let us know:
your dates - arrival date and departure date
number of people (if any children please let us know the ages)
and we will get back to you with the best price available.

Price Guide for the Rizoldo Guinjata Mozambique

Rizoldu Self Catering Price Guide 2010:
2 sleeper permanent tent: Low season - R300 ; High season - R550 per tent
4 sleeper self catering casita: Low season - R450 ; High season - R850 per casita
6 sleeper seaview house: Low season - R1600 ; High season - R2800 per house
Luxury House: Low season - R2300 ; High season - R3500 per house

Rizoldo enquiries and reservations: mozambique@madbookings.com