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Never loose hope. You can loose everything you own, but never surrender your hope. Hope for a better tommorrow hope for a better world hope for a friend hope for your family hope for the future, there is always hope.

Sinulog - a story of how by turning to good you can overcome the bad in life.


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Sinulog 2015

Although I have been in Cebu before this is my first visit during the Sinulog Festival and the buzz around the city as soon as I arrived at the airport all the way to the hotel was incredible.

It seems that everyone and their friends have descended upon the city of Cebu, the hotels are all full, streets are packed with crowds of cheerful people and everywhere Sinulog fever is on display with shops, restaurants and cafes all flying 'Happy Sinulog - Viva Pit Senor' banners.

This festival is the biggest celebration of the year in Cebu - even bigger than Christmas and it is a heady mixture of religion, culture, dance, celebration and an excuse to party every day and every night for a full week .... and here I am right in the middle of it all.

Whats is Sinulog all about?
Held on the third Sunday of each January this cultural and religious festival that links the pagan past of Cebu with its Christian present centred around Santo Nino.

blackjackAyala terraces lit up and looking pretty for the show

Drum sing and dance the night away

So where to start?

There are events parties and celebrations happening all across the city.

I decide to start with the crowning of Miss Sinulog festival queen at the Ayala centre - so with media badge in hand I pass through the security and select a table for the event.

Features include a local drum band and of course lots of speeches from local officials, highlighted by the mayor of Cebu breaking into song on stage displaying a great singing voice, at last the festival queen and her court are presented, they come on stage do the twirls take a bow, thank everybody for their support then come and sit down ... at my table, so its me, the festival queen, her court and the other runners up sharing a table for the evening.

I think I am going to like this Sinulog festival!

Miss cebu and her court are the centre of attention ...

blackjack and had the privelidge of sitting with me

blackjackSinging and dancing competitions

Guest performances from various Filipino stars

Next day it was the Cebu popular musical festival finals where the final twelve contestants sang their hearts out at the Cebu Coliseum, followed the same night by a massive Street Party at Fuente Osmeña.

Then it was on to the dance crew finals, big bike rally, Fluvial Procession of the Miraculous Image of the Sto. Niño, Solemn Procession, Mañanita Mass at Basilica del Sto. Niño, Sinulog Fireworks Competition, Street Party Bands at Fuente Osmeña ...

The week blurs by with days, evenings and nights of street festivals, singing competitions, midnight masses, puppet displays, firework displays, funruns, street parties, dance troops, parades and lechon feasts....

Everybody is in good spirits super friendly and hopeful of a good year ahead full of promise and hope.

Get a Sinulog tattoo on the street

blackjack Even graffitti artist get in on the act

Welcome to Cebu and Sinulog

Shows and singing for everyone

Mañanita Mass at
Basilica del Sto. Niño


blackjack Months of work on display from each contestant

blackjack Impressive firewaork display at the finale

The last day arrives which is one of the biggest days of the festival and from early morning people are out on the streets (possibly still from the street parties the night before).

It is the day ofthe grand street parade display and judging of all the competing sinulog dance displays. The floats and dance troupes make their way around the city performing for the crowds as they go before arriving at the sports arena where the judges await them ... from the early morning until after sunset each group of dancers paraded in put on a great display then danced off into the night.

How the judges could select from the 41 different displays I have no idea, all the displays are very impressive and colourful each one showing a different interpretation of what the Sinulog festival means from saving the planet to saving the bee (which could also save the planet).

I was only watching and I was exhausted by the time the grand finale finally erupted in a firework display.

It has been an exciting week of events now I need to go and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Photographs of Sinulog Festival 2015

Giant puppets

Viva Pit Senor

Colourful costumes






Dramatic effects

Look out the Spanish are coming

Great costumes



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