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Price Guide
1926 Heritage Hotel
George Town 1926 Heritage Hotel
Armenian Street Heritage Hotel
Armenian Street Heritage Hotel
23 Love Lane
George Town 23 Love Lane
69 Boutique Hotel
George Town 69 Boutique Hotel
322 Chulia
George Town 322 Chulia
1881 Chong Tian Hotel
1881 Chong Tian Hotel
Armenian Suite
George Town Armenian Suite
Asia Hotel
George Town Asia Hotel
Aurora Court Service ApartmentsAurora Court Service Apartments
Banana Boutique Hotel
Banana Boutique Hotel
Banana Guest HouseBanana Guest House
100 Cintra Street
George Town 100 Cintra Street
118 Hotel
George Town 118 Hotel
24 Merican Road
George Town 24 Merican Road
28 Bahari
George Town 28 Bahari
75 Traveller's Lodge
George Town 75 Traveller's Lodge
8 Boutique By The Sea Hotel8 Boutique By The Sea Hotel
Abian Residence
George Town Abian Residence
Agora Hotel
George Town Agora Hotel
An-Nur AnCasa ExpressAn-Nur AnCasa Express @ Georgetown
Apollo Inn
George Town Apollo Inn
Apple 1 Hotel Gurney
Apple 1 Hotel Gurney
Armenian House
George Town Armenian House
Bahagia Home
George Town Bahagia Home
Banana New GuesthouseBanana New Guesthouse
Bayview Hotel Georgetown Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang
Bellevue Hotel
George Town Bellevue Hotel
Betel Nut Lodge
George Town Betel Nut Lodge
BoBo Homestay
George Town BoBo Homestay
Botanic Hill Lodge
George Town Botanic Hill Lodge
Broadway Budget HotelBroadway Budget Hotel
Bumi Ayu Hotel
George Town Bumi Ayu Hotel
Burmahtel Hotel
George Town Burmahtel Hotel
Campbell House
George Town Campbell House
Campbell Times Hotel
Campbell Times Hotel
Carnarvon House
George Town Carnarvon House
Casa Holiday & Residence
Casa Holiday & Residence
Cathay Hotel
George Town Cathay Hotel
CEO Executive Office SuiteCEO Executive Office Suite
China Tiger
George Town China Tiger
Chulia Court The TavernChulia Court The Tavern
Chulia D'Motel
George Town Chulia D'Motel
Chulia Heritage HotelChulia Heritage Hotel
Chulia Mansion
George Town Chulia Mansion
Chulia Racks
George Town Chulia Racks
Church Street Inn
George Town Church Street Inn
Cintra Heritage House
Cintra Heritage House
Cititel Express Penang
Cititel Express Penang
Cititel Penang
George Town Cititel Penang
Civillian's Homestay
George Town Civillian's Homestay
Civillian's Inn
George Town Civillian's Inn
Clockwise Hostel
George Town Clockwise Hostel
Clove Hall
George Town Clove Hall
Cocoa Mews
George Town Cocoa Mews
Coffee Atelier
George Town Coffee Atelier
Colour Bay
George Town Colour Bay
Coral Hostel
George Town Coral Hostel
Cozen Four Season Guest HouseCozen Four Season Guest House
Cozy Home Inn
George Town Cozy Home Inn
Crystal Guesthouse
George Town Crystal Guesthouse
D Heritage GuesthouseD Heritage Guesthouse
D Mo Inn
George Town D Mo Inn
Day & Night GuesthouseDay & Night Guesthouse
Decoupage HomestayDecoupage Homestay
Deluxcious Heritage Hotel PenangDeluxcious Heritage Hotel Penang
DeMoty Hostel PenangDeMoty Hostel Penang - Rooftop Terrace
Desa Pelangi Condomium
Desa Pelangi Condomium
Dou Houz Guest House
Dou Houz Guest House
Dreamcatcher Traveller's RefugeDreamcatcher Traveller's Refuge
Dwell by Palanquinn
Dwell by Palanquinn
East Indies Mansion Sdn BhdEast Indies Mansion Sdn Bhd
Eastern & Oriental HotelEastern & Oriental Hotel
Eastern Hotel
George Town Eastern Hotel
Embassy Hotel
George Town Embassy Hotel
Evergreen Laurel HotelEvergreen Laurel Hotel
Farin Hotel
George Town Farin Hotel
Federal Hotel
George Town Federal Hotel
Flash Back HomestayFlash Back Homestay
Friendly Green HouseFriendly Green House
Friendship Motel
George Town Friendship Motel
G Hotel Gurney
George Town G Hotel Gurney
G Hotel Kelawai
George Town G Hotel Kelawai
G Times Inn
George Town G Times Inn
Garden Inn
George Town Garden Inn
Georgetown City HotelGeorgetown City Hotel
George Town G-Inn
Georgetown Hotel
George Town Georgetown Hotel
GLOW Penang
George Town GLOW Penang
Go Green Guest HouseGo Green Guest House
Golden Plaza Hostel
George Town Golden Plaza Hostel
Good Karma Home Stay
Good Karma Home Stay
GoodHope Inn – Kelawei-PenangGoodHope Inn – Kelawei-Penang
Grand Continental Hotel – PenangGrand Continental Hotel – Penang
Grand Inn Penang RoadGrand Inn Penang Road
Grand Swiss Hotel
George Town Grand Swiss Hotel
Green House at PopusGreen House at Popus
Greentown Cafe and GuesthouseGreentown Cafe and Guesthouse
Guest Inn Muntri
George Town Guest Inn Muntri
Gurney Luxe Inn
George Town Gurney Luxe Inn
Gurney Park CondominiumsGurney Park Condominiums
Gurney View Inn
George Town Gurney View Inn
Gurney Zahra Inn
George Town Gurney Zahra Inn
H Residence
George Town H Residence
Hainan House
George Town Hainan House
Halaman Kristal
George Town Halaman Kristal
Hamoni Home
George Town Hamoni Home
Hang Chow Hotel
George Town Hang Chow Hotel
Havara Place
George Town Havara Place
Heliconia Hotel
George Town Heliconia Hotel
Heritage Lodge
George Town Heritage Lodge
Heritage Sixteen
George Town Heritage Sixteen
Homie Delights GuesthouseHomie Delights Guesthouse
Hong Kong Hotel
George Town Hong Kong Hotel
Hong Ping Hotel
George Town Hong Ping Hotel
Hostel Silence Sea LibraryHostel Silence Sea Library
Hotel 19 Penang
George Town Hotel 19 Penang
Hotel Central
George Town Hotel Central
Hotel Ceylon Cafe
George Town Hotel Ceylon Cafe
Hotel Chennai
George Town Hotel Chennai
Hotel Continental
George Town Hotel Continental
Hotel Fortuna
George Town Hotel Fortuna
Hotel Golden City
George Town Hotel Golden City
Hotel Jen Penang
George Town Hotel Jen Penang
Hotel Malaysia
George Town Hotel Malaysia
Hotel Mingood
George Town Hotel Mingood
Hotel NEO+ Penang
George Town Hotel NEO+ Penang
Hotel Penaga
George Town Hotel Penaga
Hotel Regal Malaysia
Hotel Regal Malaysia
Hotel Royal Penang
George Town Hotel Royal Penang
Hotel Sentral GeorgetownHotel Sentral Georgetown
Hotel Waterfall
George Town Hotel Waterfall
House of Journey
George Town House of Journey
Hutton Lodge
George Town Hutton Lodge
Hutton Mansion Heritel
Hutton Mansion Heritel
Ink Hotel
George Town Ink Hotel
INN Residence 18
George Town INN Residence 18
Jelutong Budget Hotel
Jelutong Budget Hotel
Just Duvet Guesthouse
Just Duvet Guesthouse
Just Inn
George Town Just Inn
Ke-Lan-Tan House
George Town Ke-Lan-Tan House
KF Guesthouse
George Town KF Guesthouse
Kim Sun Hotel
George Town Kim Sun Hotel
Kimberley House
George Town Kimberley House
KK Budget Hotel
George Town KK Budget Hotel
Lake Grace Villas
George Town Lake Grace Villas
Lang Hoose Residences
Lang Hoose Residences
Le Dream Boutique Hotel
Le Dream Boutique Hotel
Lemon Inn
George Town Lemon Inn
Little India Heritage Villa
Little India Heritage Villa
Little Nature Penang HomestayLittle Nature Penang Homestay
Loke Thye Kee Residences
Loke Thye Kee Residences
Love Lane Inn
George Town Love Lane Inn
Love. Penang HomestayLove. Penang Homestay
M.E.N.U Cafe & LodgeM.E.N.U Cafe & Lodge
Macalister Mansion
George Town Macalister Mansion
Magpie Residence
George Town Magpie Residence
Malabar Inn
George Town Malabar Inn
Malibu Cafe
George Town Malibu Cafe
Mango Tree Place – HideawayMango Tree Place – Hideaway
Mango Tree Place - Townhouse 1934Mango Tree Place - Townhouse 1934
Mar Vista Resort
George Town Mar Vista Resort
Maritime Waterfront HotelMaritime Waterfront Hotel
Melody Homes
George Town Melody Homes
Merchant Hotel
George Town Merchant Hotel
Merlin Hotel
George Town Merlin Hotel
Minami Kerta Bungalow & SpaMinami Kerta Bungalow & Spa
MoonTree 47
George Town MoonTree 47
Munlustay 88 Hotel
George Town Munlustay 88 Hotel
Muntri Grove Hotel
George Town Muntri Grove Hotel
Muntri House
George Town Muntri House
Muntri Mews
George Town Muntri Mews
Muntri Mews Residence
Muntri Mews Residence
Museum Hotel
George Town Museum Hotel
George Town Muzistay
My Guesthouse 109
George Town My Guesthouse 109
Nam Keng Hotel
George Town Nam Keng Hotel
Nautilus Bay Home Inn
Nautilus Bay Home Inn
Naza Hotel
George Town Naza Hotel
New Asia Heritage Hotel
New Asia Heritage Hotel
New Asia Hotel PenangNew Asia Hotel Penang
New Jetty Home StayNew Jetty Home Stay
New Savoy Hotel
George Town New Savoy Hotel
Noble Hotel
George Town Noble Hotel
Noble Villa ApartmentNoble Villa Apartment
Noob Hostel
George Town Noob Hostel
Noordin Mews
George Town Noordin Mews
Noordin Street HouseNoordin Street House
Oasis Hotel
George Town Oasis Hotel
Old Budget Hotel
George Town Old Budget Hotel
Old Penang Guesthouse
Old Penang Guesthouse
Old Penang Hotel - Times SquareOld Penang Hotel - Penang Times Square
Old Penang Hotel - Trang Road
Old Penang Hotel - Trang Road
Olive Spring Hotel
George Town Olive Spring Hotel
On Journey Inn
George Town On Journey Inn
Oriental Guest HouseOriental Guest House
Oriental Hotel
George Town Oriental Hotel
Palanquinn Heritage SuitesPalanquinn Heritage Suites
Palm Mansion Boutique SuitesPalm Mansion Boutique Suites
Paramount Hotel
George Town Paramount Hotel
Park Motel
George Town Park Motel
Pavilion Coffee Guest HousePavilion Coffee Guest House
Peace Hostel
George Town Peace Hostel
Pedal Inn
George Town Pedal Inn
Peking Hotel
George Town Peking Hotel
Penang Old House Homestay(B&B)Penang Old House Homestay(B&B)
PG Chew Jetty HomestayPG Chew Jetty Homestay
Pin Seng Hotel
George Town Pin Seng Hotel
PPisland Hotel
George Town PPisland Hotel
Princess Benoa Beach ResortPrincess Benoa Beach Resort
Queen's Hostel
George Town Queen's Hostel
Rainbow Lodge2 Penang
Rainbow Lodge2 Penang
Rangoon House HostelRangoon House Hostel
Red Inn Cabana
George Town Red Inn Cabana
Red Inn Court
George Town Red Inn Court
Red Inn Heritage
George Town Red Inn Heritage
Red Inn Hotel at 39
George Town Red Inn Hotel at 39
Red Inn Penang GuesthouseRed Inn Penang Guesthouse
Red Rock Hotel
George Town Red Rock Hotel
Reflection Guest HouseReflection Guest House
Reggae Penang Love Lane HostelReggae Penang Love Lane Hostel
Ren i Tang
George Town Ren i Tang
Roommates Penang
George Town Roommates Penang
Rope Walk Guest House
Rope Walk Guest House
Ros Heritage Motel
George Town Ros Heritage Motel
Sari Guest House
George Town Sari Guest House
George Town Sattcle
SD Guest House
George Town SD Guest House
Sea Home Boutique (Home Stay)Sea Home Boutique (Home Stay)
Segara Ninda
George Town Segara Ninda
Sekeping Pinang
George Town Sekeping Pinang
Sekeping Victoria
George Town Sekeping Victoria
Seven Terraces
George Town Seven Terraces
Shanghai 1910 Heritage
Shanghai 1910 Heritage
Silver Shine GuesthouseSilver Shine Guesthouse
George Town Sinkeh
SO Hotel
George Town SO Hotel
Sogor Girls DormitorySogor Girls Dormitory
Soundmaker Hostel
George Town Soundmaker Hostel
Spices Hotel
George Town Spices Hotel
Spices Residence
George Town Spices Residence
SS-Inn Penang HomestaySS-Inn Penang Homestay
St Giles Wembley, PenangSt Giles Wembley, Penang
ST Hostel
George Town ST Hostel
Star Lodge
George Town Star Lodge
Straits Collection
George Town Straits Collection
Straits Heritage
George Town Straits Heritage
Straits Quay Suites
George Town Straits Quay Suites
Street Art House
George Town Street Art House
Sunway Hotel Georgetown Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang
Super 8 Hotel
George Town Super 8 Hotel
Super K Hostel
George Town Super K Hostel
Suphan Gurney HomestaySuphan Gurney Homestay
Sweet Cili Hotel
George Town Sweet Cili Hotel
Sweethome Hostel
George Town Sweethome Hostel
Syok at Chulia
George Town Syok at Chulia
The 3rd Street at GeorgetownThe 3rd Street at Georgetown
The 80's Guesthouse
The 80's Guesthouse
The Alley Place
George Town The Alley Place
The Blue Mansion - by SamadhiThe Blue Mansion - by Samadhi
The Boutique Residence HotelThe Boutique Residence Hotel
The Chambers Hotel
The Chambers Hotel
The Corum View
George Town The Corum View
The Frame GuesthouseThe Frame Guesthouse
The Gurney Resort Hotel & ResidencesThe Gurney Resort Hotel & Residences
The Northam All Suite Penang
The Northam All Suite Penang
The Rice Miller Hotel & GodownsThe Rice Miller Hotel & Godowns
The Royale Bintang PenangThe Royale Bintang Penang
The Small Inn
George Town The Small Inn
The Sovereign
George Town The Sovereign
Thirty Three Stewart HouzeThirty Three Stewart Houze
Time Capsule Hotel
George Town Time Capsule Hotel
Times Square HomestayTimes Square Homestay
Tourist Guest House
Tourist Guest House
Tower Budget Hotel
George Town Tower Budget Hotel
Towne House Hotel
George Town Towne House Hotel
Triple Dream Budget HotelTriple Dream Budget Hotel
Tune Hotel Downtown PenangTune Hotel Downtown Penang
Twelve Inn Boutique HomestayTwelve Inn Boutique Homestay
Unagi Villas
George Town Unagi Villas
USM Guest House
George Town USM Guest House
Utopia Homestay
George Town Utopia Homestay
V Hostel
George Town V Hostel
Venus Female Boarding HouseVenus Female Boarding House
Victoria Bay HomestayVictoria Bay Homestay
Victoria Inn
George Town Victoria Inn
Villa Jeanne
George Town Villa Jeanne
Vintage House
George Town Vintage House
Vstay Guesthouse
George Town Vstay Guesthouse
Vstay Two GuesthouseVstay Two Guesthouse - Europe Style
Waldorf Hotel
George Town Waldorf Hotel
Wan Hai Hotel
George Town Wan Hai Hotel
Wassup Youth HostelWassup Youth Hostel
WeLuv Travel GuesthouseWeLuv Travel Guesthouse
White House Hotel
George Town White House Hotel
Wil House
George Town Wil House
Wood Work House
George Town Wood Work House
Xavier's Lodge at Muntri StreetXavier's Lodge at Muntri Street
Yeng Keng Hotel
George Town Yeng Keng Hotel
Yes Hotel
George Town Yes Hotel
YMCA International Hostel PenangYMCA International Hostel Penang
Yong Yi Yuen GuesthouseYong Yi Yuen Guesthouse
You Le Yuen
George Town You Le Yuen