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Price Guide
Aroma Hotel
Butterworth Aroma Hotel
Hotel Palm Inn
Butterworth Hotel Palm Inn
Lodge 18
Butterworth Lodge 18
Pearl View Hotel
Butterworth Pearl View Hotel
De Garden Hotel
Butterworth De Garden Hotel
Value Inn
Butterworth Value Inn
Chariton Hotel
Butterworth Chariton Hotel
Hotel Oriental
Butterworth Hotel Oriental
Hotel Berlin
Butterworth Hotel Berlin
Hotel Ambassadress
Hotel Ambassadress
Hotel Casa Reo
Butterworth Hotel Casa Reo
T+ Hotel ButterworthT+ Hotel Butterworth
SE Hotel 2
Butterworth SE Hotel 2
Veenai Hotel
Butterworth Veenai Hotel
Rez Motel
Butterworth Rez Motel
BP Hotel
Butterworth BP Hotel
Capital Hotel
Butterworth Capital Hotel
CP Hotel
Butterworth CP Hotel
Sin Tong Ah Restaurant & HotelSin Tong Ah Restaurant & Hotel
River Inn
Butterworth River Inn