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A Hotel
Banjarmasin A Hotel Banjarmasin
Amaris Banjar - South Kalimantan
Amaris Banjar - South Kalimantan
Aquarius Hotel
Banjarmasin Aquarius Hotel
Aria Barito Hotel
Banjarmasin Aria Barito Hotel
Aston Banua
Banjarmasin Aston Banua
Bee Hotel
Banjarmasin Bee Hotel
Blue Atlantic International Hotel
Blue Atlantic International Hotel
Citra Raya Hotel
Banjarmasin Citra Raya Hotel
Efa Hotel
Banjarmasin Efa Hotel
Golden Tulip Galaxy Banjarmasin Golden Tulip Galaxy Banjarmasin
Gondola Inn
Banjarmasin Gondola Inn
Graha Fortuna Hotel
Banjarmasin Graha Fortuna Hotel
Grand Mentari Hotel
Banjarmasin Grand Mentari Hotel
Grand Surya Hotel
Banjarmasin Grand Surya Hotel
G'Sign Hotel
Banjarmasin G'Sign Hotel
Guest House Samudera
Guest House Samudera
Hotel 99
Banjarmasin Hotel 99
Hotel Asia Baru
Banjarmasin Hotel Asia Baru
Hotel Banjarmasin International
Hotel Banjarmasin International
Hotel Batung Batulis Banjarbaru
Hotel Batung Batulis Banjarbaru
Hotel Bina Subur
Banjarmasin Hotel Bina Subur
Hotel Biuti
Banjarmasin Hotel Biuti
Hotel Bumi Banjar
Banjarmasin Hotel Bumi Banjar
Hotel Damai Indah
Banjarmasin Hotel Damai Indah
Hotel Kartika
Banjarmasin Hotel Kartika
Hotel Kertak Baru
Banjarmasin Hotel Kertak Baru
Hotel Kuripan
Banjarmasin Hotel Kuripan
Hotel Metro Banjarmasin Hotel Metro Banjarmasin
Hotel Midoo
Banjarmasin Hotel Midoo
Hotel Palm Banjarmasin Hotel Palm Banjarmasin
Hotel Perdana Banjarmasin Hotel Perdana Banjarmasin
Hotel Ratu Elok
Banjarmasin Hotel Ratu Elok
Hotel Roditha
Banjarmasin Hotel Roditha
Hotel Sampaga
Banjarmasin Hotel Sampaga
Hotel SAS
Banjarmasin Hotel SAS
Hotel Tedja
Banjarmasin Hotel Tedja
Hotel Victoria River View
Hotel Victoria River View
Istana Barito Hotel
Banjarmasin Istana Barito Hotel
Jelita Hotel
Banjarmasin Jelita Hotel
Jelita Tanjung Hotel
Banjarmasin Jelita Tanjung Hotel
Kanca Hotel
Banjarmasin Kanca Hotel
Kharisma Hotel
Banjarmasin Kharisma Hotel
Mercure Banjarmasin Mercure Banjarmasin
Mira Hotel
Banjarmasin Mira Hotel
Mira Inn
Banjarmasin Mira Inn
Montana Hotel Syariah
Montana Hotel Syariah
NASA Hotel
Banjarmasin NASA Hotel
Novotel Banjarmasin Airport
Novotel Banjarmasin Airport
Pandansari Hotel
Banjarmasin Pandansari Hotel
Permata Hotel
Banjarmasin Permata Hotel
Permata Inn Banjarbaru
Permata Inn Banjarbaru
Pesona Hotel
Banjarmasin Pesona Hotel
Rattan Inn
Banjarmasin Rattan Inn
Regenerasi Hotel
Banjarmasin Regenerasi Hotel
Royal Jelita Hotel
Banjarmasin Royal Jelita Hotel
Save Hotel
Banjarmasin Save Hotel
Sembilan Hotel
Banjarmasin Sembilan Hotel
Sinar Hotel Pelaihari
Banjarmasin Sinar Hotel Pelaihari
Summer Bed n Breakfast
Summer Bed n Breakfast
Swiss-Belhotel BorneoSwiss-Belhotel Borneo Banjarmasin
Villa Bunga's
Banjarmasin Villa Bunga's
Wisata Hotel
Banjarmasin Wisata Hotel