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Banana Baracks

Banana Baracks

Banana Barracks Working Backpacker Hostel is situated in the country town of Tully, Far North Queensland. Tully, which is about 148km south of Cairns, is located between Mt Mackay and Mt Tyson. Tully is regarded as one of the most reliable year round work venues in Australia. Banana Barracks is a purpose built working backpackers hostel.

Farms of melons, pumpkins, and sugarcane surround Tully but mostly bananas. Generally, boys are recruited to hump or hang the banana bunches while girls sort the bananas or prune the banana trees.


All bungalows have been recently upgraded and include an LCD flat screen TV, ceiling fan, hand wash basin and air conditioning. There is an outdoor communal kitchen and communal toilets and showers. If you like the outdoors you can play beach volleyball, jump in the pool for a nice refreshing swim or if you have lots of energy you can climb Mt Tyson.

The Mt Tyson trail takes you into the rainforest and once you have reached the top you can get a panoramic view of Tully, the islands and almost the whole shire with its patchwork of cane fields and banana plantations.

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Address: 50 Butler Street, Tully

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Banana Baracks
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From Cairns International Airport

The best way to reach Tully is by taking a flight to Cairns International Airport for approximately an hour. Arriving at the airport, you can hire a car, shuttle, Airport transfers, or buses that can take you to the hotel.

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