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Not what I expected...

When I arrived at Waterberg for the first time, I was mesmerized by the mountains and the greenness surrounding it. Seeing that it was a long and exhausting trip, I just wanted to get to my room and take a nap, the room was clean and all but unbearably hot, the fan installed was useless and It felt like I was sleeping in a pool of sweat.

We later went to the restaurant for dinner. Almost half of what was on the menu was not in the kitchen and we asked the waitress (she didn't look like one but was kind enough to assist), what they had and ordered, just to be greeted by food that was either overcooked or undercooked. The food was just horrible

Date: Feb 2015

Reviewed by: Trace

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Far below standard...

In May 2015 a few of us spent a wonderful two weeks in Namibia. We visit the country every two years, as it is such a lovely holiday destination.

Unfortunately I must complain about the condition of the NWR camping sites. The one in Ai Ais is still acceptable, but the one in the Waterberg Resort is far far below standard. We were greeted by litter, overturned dustbins and extremely dangerous power points. A few plugs were put together and the irrigation water was sprayed all over the plugs. The road between the sites was in a very bad condition. Workers were sitting around, sunning themselves.

This was so unsatisfactory that I asked our money back. We travelled about 10 km further and booked into an excellent private camping resort at about half the price of NWR and in a pristine condition.

It is just a case of bad management. I do hope something will be done to improve this situation.

Date: June 2015

Reviewed by: Anneke

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