VIP Hotel Tete Tete Mozambique

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VIP Hotel Tete Mozambique

VIP Hotel Tete Mozambique

VIP Hotel Tete Mozambique

VIP Hotel will be built in Tete
‘VIP Hotels’ will soon begin construction on a new VIP hotel in Tete City, the capital of the province of Tete in northern Mozambique,

The mineral-rich region is an economic growth hotspot, and it is both this and the lack of hotel accommodation in Tete City that has prompted the investment.

The construction of ‘VIP Executive Tete’ has already begun and the 200 room hotel is expected to be ready to receive its first guests by 2013.

VIP Hotel Tete Mozambique

A new four star hotel is being built by the Portuguese group “VIP Hotels” in the central Mozambican province of Tete, with construction due to be completed in 2013.

The hotel, which will be known as “VIP Executive Tete”, is the fourth launched by the group in Mozambique. The first was inaugurated in Maputo in 2002.

According to the group’s commercial director, Nazir Kurji, cited in the Portuguese journal “Diário Económico”, the new four star hotel will have 200 rooms, a swimming pool, a conference centre and meeting rooms.

“We are constructing a completely new hotel following the acquisition of the land in the middle of 2010. The work has already begun and the opening is scheduled for the end of 2013”, said Kurji, who declined to reveal the total cost of the investment.

Kurji explained that Tete city was chosen because it is “one of the cities of major economic growth in Mozambique”.

This region of the country lacks sufficient hotels to accommodate all the investors and other visitors. Over the last few years Tete province has seen a huge growth of interest by many investors due to the potential in the field of coal and other mineral resources, which has led to a large growth in the tourist sector.

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