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Delightful B&B

A nice establishment on the southern end of Windhoek. A delightful B&B formed from the joining of nearby buildings in a relaxing garden setting. Pleasant rooms, with A/C and an addition of a fan. Pleasant staff where friendly and helpful. For dinner we took part in the weekly Sunday Bar-B-Que, which is full of options for meat eaters.


Reviewed by: Joseph H

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Pretty gardens

Found in a residential area of Windhoek, this hotel quite possibly has one of the prettiest gardens in town. The small ‘swimming’ pool is in one of the several courtyards; I suppose it must provide a refreshing dip during the hotter months. Dinner is a set menu and must be ordered by 16h00; breakfast was simple and nothing special. Casa Blanca is reasonably priced with helpful, friendly and courteous staff.


Reviewed by: Richard P

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Great rooms and service

Great rooms with nice beds and hot showers. Excellent service with friendly and hospitable staff makes you feel like you are among family.


Reviewed by: Martin A

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Comfortable stay

Since it’s inception I have stayed at this guesthouse and I have found the attention to detail exceptional creating a very comfortable stay. Your comfort and enjoyment is the staff and owners top priority.

Breakfasts are substantial and a set menu dinner is served at night. Whether I’m alone on business or with my wife I can recommend Casa Blanca to anyone.


Reviewed by: Stacy M

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