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Next time!!

We arrived here mid-afternoon on a Sunday and the town was like a ghost town. We went to Makalani for dinner since we had already booked elsewhere. The service was fast and efficient; the waiters were friendly and knowledgeable about the dishes that they were serving. The portions were generous and the food was fine but the vegetables tasted like canned vegetables. The place looked clean and lovely we will definitely try it next time.


Reviewed by: Micheal

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The internet was usless

This hotel is a perfect stop over between Tsumeb and Etosha, this place is lovely. We stayed here in September, the internet was useless since we could not connect to anything it was frustrating since we needed to check our emails all the time. There is a lot of dining sitting to choose from; from the restaurant to the boma the food was scrumptious.


Reviewed by: Shadreck

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