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Little gem

My husband & I stayed at the Desert Camp in December. It was lovely and we'll definitely return. Camp is cleverly laid out with magnificent views over the plains and mountains in the distance. The half-tented accommodation was fantastic, not luxurious but lovely laid out and very clean. Lovely pool and easy to have your own braai with the braai packs supplied which you order on arrival. Best was the absolute quiet of the night, sitting outside under the moonlight.

Date: July 2013

Reviewed by: Elaine

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The outside kitchen is modern

We spent two nights at this exquisite place while touring Sossusvlei. The units are luxurious and there is an outside modern kitchen equipped with fridge, kitchen kit and a barbecue area. You can order anything from farm produce to meat, to prepare your own meal. The place has a bar and pool for dinner you can go to Sossusvlei lodge for dinner which is about 4 km from the camp.


Reviewed by: Carvalho

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Reasonable priced

We have stayed at the Sossusvlei Lodge a lot of times and we wanted a change of scenery and opted for this camp. Am glad we choose this camp; the only downside was that we didn’t get the tents we had initially booked. The food was good and the salads were mouth-watering and the prices are very reasonable.


Reviewed by: Paul

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