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This could be Perfect!

This could be Perfect, if only the camp sites had Electricity and they could extend their Wireless Access into the camp site!


Reviewed by: Andre

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Horrible food!!

This lodge has almost everything going for them except for one of the most important things which is the food. I really felt sorry for the chef, maybe she had a limited budget or has no clue what she was doing. The portions were ridiculously small and the lamb stew was just bones and fat in soup, the chicken roll was disgusting to say the least. We had booked for two nights here but after the first night and the horrible food experience we decided to look for an alternative.


Reviewed by: Sheri

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The food lacked creativity

This location is beautiful and the sunsets are amazing, there are cats everywhere!! The rooms have their own terrace with breath-taking views. The restaurant is lovely but the food was too simple and lacked creativity, the pool is clean but small.


Reviewed by: George

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