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Most beautiful set up ever

This is the most beautiful set up ever. Rooms are covered in wood and white linen with breathtaking views. Food, staff and just everything about this place is awesome.

Date: Jul 2015

Reviewed by: Adele from South Africa

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Just 100 meters from Angola

Ideally located in the river Kavango, just 100 meters from Angola (on the other side), the lodge offers boat trips to observe wildlife and enjoy the sunset. Accommodation in cottages along the left bank of the river is stunning, good quality bedding, clean and the bathroom would benefit from renovation. The food is good; it is a good value for money.


Reviewed by: Rebbeca

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The lodge is simple and functional

A river that stretches lazily along border between Namibia and Angola. There are 7 chalets / lodges simple and functional and a restaurant, all managed by a professional manager but still nice. If there is a river cruise to the world, it is this one. In short, for an overview of what the North of Namibia can offer best.


Reviewed by: Brenda

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During the day you are on your own

The Lodge is located just outside Rundu at Kovango. The rooms are very basic; the service at the lodge is very restrained. During the day, you're on your own. The dinner was good, but can hardly keep up with the other lodges. The lodge is designed for longer stays cannot be recommended. It serves as a place to stay pure and stop.


Reviewed by: Jason

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