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Help after a crash

We were on a tour through Namibia with a group of six motorcycles. Two of them had accidents between Aus and Helmeringhausen and taken to hospital in Keetmanshoop. The Helmeringhausen Hotel was an unplanned stop over for some of us and the management went out of their way to make us comfortable and welcome.

Date: May 2014

Reviewed by: Tony Muirhead

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Lovely garden setting, very comfortable, rooms have very high ceilings for cooling, electricity is entirely Solar. Service and food excellent, great for access to surrounding areas and tours .

Date: Feb 2013

Reviewed by: Alan Smith from USA

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We really apreciate what you did for us!!!

Due to the puncture on our way we arrived at the hotel late and we were extremely tired, the staff we welcoming and friendly, we had a few drinks before being shown to our rooms which were spacious and tidy. The breakfast was very good and everything was above board. The owner helped us with our second puncture and we really appreciate it!!


Reviewed by: Sonja

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An ideal stopover

This is an ideal stopover; the rooms are clean and neat. The food was very good and atmosphere was very relaxing and calming.


Reviewed by: Indyes

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Lovely, value for money

The veritable oasis - a fantastic stay, great service and food and what a lovely garden and set up. Value for money

Date: May 2015

Reviewed by: Johan

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