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Stunningly designed Villa

My family and I spent two nights at this lodge; the reception/lounge was stunningly designed. On arrival we were offered cold drinks and after a while we were taken to our villa, the luggage was brought by the porter. Excellent service, the rooms were spacious and nicely decorated and secluded. The food was scrumptious, the staff was companionable and we went for a game drive we saw a lot of animals. This lodge is ideal for visits to Etosha National Park.


Reviewed by: Nezzie

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A true African paradise

We spent three nights in the private villa and we were stunned at the amazing facilities. We had a private waterhole behind our villa where we saw animals like the kudu and impalas. We went on a game drive and our guide was very knowledgeable and had an elephant memory. This lodge was truly unique in all aspects, Mushara is a true paradise!!


Reviewed by: Arnoldo

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