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Awesome but lacking professionalism...

Okaukuejo Etosha is awesome especially for a new tourists. The reception service to get your key and info was lacking professionalism, energy and had poor service. We booked in and took a day trip through Etosha. Came back, ate, slept and left the next day.

Only to discovery at our next destination that some of my new clothes were stolen out of our suitcases. I took it up with them several times but had no response.

Date: Jul 2015

Reviewed by: Adele

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Ok but not much for selfcatering

We drove through Etosha with the idea of going to Dolomite Camp but there was so many wild animals to see that we made it to Okaukuejo very late and decided that we will sleep over. After inspection of the chalets we decided to carry on. No there is nothing wrong with the chalets, we where not equipped for self catering.

Date: Aug 2013

Reviewed by: Roland from Namibia

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Okaukuejo in Etosha

My husband and I stayed in a Premier Waterhole Chalet, which seemed to be the best option available. Although we had a view of the waterhole there was not much to see. The accommodation itself was great; very clean and comfortable. Food is not great but that has unfortunately become the norm, even back home in the Kruger National Park.

It's the best camp for a sleep-over in Etosha but when we return we'd rather stay outside Etosha as there is not much to see or do in the camp.

Date: Dec 2012

Reviewed by: Elaine from South Africa

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My preferred camp in Etosha

Of all camps I’ve visited in Etosha, Okaukejo is my preferred camp as it has natural unspoilt waterholes. Even during the wet season we saw a lot of animals and birdlife entering and exiting the hole.

Our campsite was clean and tidy the downside of it all was other camper passing through our site to the ablution block. I strongly recommend that the management clearly demarcate the paths to all the camp facilities.


Reviewed by: Nicoleen

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The food was not extraordinary

We spent two nights in the waterhole chalet; the chalet was modern, with a comfortable bed. I expected our chalet to be closer to the waterhole, we had to walk to the hole just like guest from other establishments, and at least it was a short walking distance. There was a buffet; the food was just ok nothing extraordinary.


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Ablutions make us shudder

During a recent visit to Etosha we stayed over in the campsite of Okaukuejo. This is a very busy camp receiving visitors from all over the world...I think maybe with Sesriem, the two most popular camps in Etosha.

But, we were very shocked to see the condition of the ablution facilities in Okaukuejo! So different from Sesriem that we visited after our visit to Okaukuejo. At Sesriem we experienced beautifully maintained ablution facilities with very friendly staff. Unfortunately the opposite is true for Okaukuejo Camp. Especially the shower stalls with broken doors and dirty shower stalls. Is there a reason why there is such a big difference in the ablution facilities between the two camps?

We are planning another trip to Namibia and Etosha in 2016 - and because Okaukuejo camp are known for its very populated watering hole, we would like to stay over there again, but just thinking of making use of those dirty ablution facilities are making us shudder. NWR should do something about this

Date: July 2015

Reviewed by: Ohna

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